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Don’t Trash It - Freecycle

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Freecycle logoWant to do more than just throw away your old stuff now that you have better gadgets amassed from the holidays? Started in 2003, the Freecycle Network is filled with freebies. It claims to save more than 300 million tons of trash every day by recycling. There are now more than 4 million members from 4,100 cities, so if you haven’t been there lately, visit it again.

The site also features volunteer moderators who make sure the swaps are legal and G-rated. Founder Deron Beal is proud that Freecycle helped a Hurricane Katrina victim refurnish his home and features such acts of kindness as the man who assembles bike parts then gives them away. Think of it as a kinder, more generous craig’s list.

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A Sanctuary for Unwanted Holiday Gift Cards

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Outback Gift CardsThis appears to be the year of the Gift Card. If you received some that you don’t particularly want, you can always re-gift them or toss them in a drawer like an estimated 10 billion do. Or you can take them to Swapagift, an ingenious site where you can sell, trade, pay your bills, or donate them to your favorite charity. Registration is free and for $1.99 you can list each card with the monetary value or equal card you wish to receive. If you want to sell them outright to the site, you can receive up to 70% of their minimum balance to pay that overdue electric bill. Our kudos to a site that finally found a use for Vegans who ended up with a $100.00 credit for Outback Steakhouse.

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swaptree Open for Business

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SwapTreeAlthough swaptree has been in beta since 2004, it will finally launch next week on July 4. This service uses calculations that match you up with others based on that now widely known but little understood concept of algorithms. Before you run to the dictionary, it simply means that the service will narrow down items that are equal to those that you have and based on such results as location, objectively match them up. swaptree is free to the public, so you only need pay postage with Media Mail and a monthly fee of $1.00 to cover credit card transactions. Now might be the time to get into the back shelf of your closet and get rid all of those ugly ties that Uncle Peter keeps sending you for Christmas.

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