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It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s superhot chick!

Posted by Joel Rosenberg Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,


What the heck has happened to poor old Supergirl? Am I too old remembering little old Linda Lee in the orphanage? Boy, has she grown up.

In this, the 79th incarnation of Supergirl, she is the 785th last daughter of Krypton. Of course, with 100,000 Kandorians running around we may need a super-census. But still, it seems the first thing they ran out of is fabric for the costume. Now, personally, I like the halter top and mini-skirt look but it seems almost everyone in the DC universe has taken notice.
In “Brave and the Bold” we have two instances. When she comes on to Hal Jordan, he thought-balloons to himself: “She’s only 17, she’s only 17.”  I must have not read the part where Supes or anyone else mentions her age, but what is the age of consent in outer space anyway? In a subsequent B and B she asks Lobo to take her somewhere and he states that he doesn’t work for free. She rips off her disguise, Lobo leers at her chest and she yells,” The S!!!”
In “Supergirl and The Legion of Super Heroes,” the group is summoned off to a mission. Naturally, everyone else is using flight rings, but Supergirl leads the flight. One member inquires to another as to where they are going and why. His friend states: “You mean other than the view?” In Crisis 5, Libra offers SuperG to Luthor with: “If you show willing, I might even let you be first in line with Supergirl”.
Eventually, we are going to have to have one of those “Cheers” discussions about SuperG. If she is invulnerable and she is still a virgin, can anyone but another Kryptonian deflower her? If all parts of her are invulnerable can her eggs be fertilized by anyone other than a Kryptonian? And if Kal could resist Lois and Lana all these years, why is SuperG so horny?  Inquiring minds want to know.


The Breast of Times - Women In Comics

Posted by Joel Rosenberg Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,

Power Girl and her friends

Today’s topic is on the growth of breasts is comic books. We are only discussing American comics because anyone who reads Japanese anime or hentai knows that American breasts cannot touch Asian ones. So, we will stick to the good ol’ USA.
Studying the history of American comics one can notice that women in comics were usually portrayed as well-endowed. In fact, a study which, unfortunately I cannot document at the moment, discovered that women in comics during the 1940s and 1950s were usually a cup size larger than American women at that time. How they determined cup size in comics I have no idea, but they did quote figures from the Playtex Corporation which, back then, was the dominant producers of women’s unmentionables. But any discussion of women’s attributes was forbidden by the Comics Code so all we did was look.

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Review of DC Comics Superman: New Krypton

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New Krypton

Great start to this new storyline.  I finished reading “New Krypton” right after I finished reading the latest issue of “Final Crisis” and it was like a breath of fresh air.  I could actually understand what was going on and enjoy the story.

I haven’t enjoyed James Robinson’s run on “Superman” so far and I was going to drop it, but with this new storyline, I’ll be staying on.  New Krypton will be going through the two main Superman titles as well as “Supergirl”.  I’m not happy about collecting an extra series like Supergirl for this storyline and the foreseeable future as the Superman titles along with Supergirl will act together as one long ongoing storyline.  For you newbies, this was also done during the 90s. 

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