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Here’s how to build your own LEGO Superhero Halloween costume

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: DC Comics, Marvel Comics,

LEGO Superhero Halloween costume

Over on our sister site Gear Live, we've got an article up that breaks down the steps required for your to build your very own LEGO Superhero Halloween costume. Since it's obviously comic book-related (just look at those Batman, Spider-Man, and Supergirl costumes up there!), we wanted to be sure and share it with our Comix411 readers as well. Anyone have any other cool and unique comic book costumes to share? Hit us in the comments!

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How to make your own LEGO Superhero Halloween costume

Posted by Taylor Peterson Categories: Design, Features, Household, Misc. Tech,

LEGO Superhero Halloween Costumes

It's October, and that means that there are many people looking for a great Halloween costume. Rather than buying a cheap costume-in-a-bag, why not get creative and build something awesome? That's what we did when we became LEGO Superheroes last year, and we ended up getting non-stop compliments when it was time for tick-or-treating. Wanna know how we did it? Read on!

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DIY LEGO Superhero Halloween costumes gallery

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Design, Features, Misc. Tech,

LEGO Superhero Halloween costumes

Last year, my family took the time to build our own Halloween costumes from scratch. We chose LEGO Superheroes, and It was a daunting task. We put in the time, though, and in the end, we had some amazing costumes when it was time to party. We're working on our full tutorial of how you can build your own LEGO Superhero costume like ours, and you don't even have to be Batman, Spider-Man, or Supergirl--this works for any character you can think of! While we put the finishing touches on that one, why not check out our LEGO Superhero Halloween costume gallery, where we captures each step of the process?

Has anyone else tried anything like this? Hit us in the comments!


DC Comics Review: Blackest Night: Superman #3

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, DC Comics,

BNSuperman3Rating: *** 1/2*

Blackest Night comes to end for Superman this week - at least for now. Issue three of Blackest Night: Superman is a lot of fun - this whole series has been fun. As I mentioned in a previous issue, sometimes the most simple plots can be the most fun. All you need to know is that the Black Lanterns are resurrecting the dead in the DC Universe, and they are attacking the living. It’s Night of the Living Dead meets the world of superheroes - what more can you ask for?

Writer James Robinson did a very good job with this one. Behind the story of the Black Lanterns attacking Smallville and New Krypton is the story of a family - the Superman family. I like the dynamic between Martha Kent and her sons Superman and Superboy (and of course the family dog Krypto); on the flip side, we see the difficult family relationship between Supergirl and her mother as they tackle their father/husband who has been resurrected as a Black Lantern. Great drama.

Our story jumps back and forth between the events happening in Smallville to the events on New Krypton. Kara is sad and angry over this thing that she has to fight, this thing that looks and sounds like her father. Meanwhile, Superman and Superboy fight off the Black Lanterns of Earth 2 Superman and the Psycho Pirate. The Psycho Pirate has been able to take over Superboy and make him fight Superman, but Superboy is then able to regain control of his senses use his tactile telekinesis to fight off Earth 2 Superman. Conner wants to be more like Superman, but he hasn’t been using this power because Superman lacks his own. Superman tells Conner that he must use all of his powers and be himself, to not worry about being more like Superman.

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DC Comics Review: Justice League: Cry for Justice #4

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, DC Comics,

Justice4Rating: ***

A nice improvement from last month’s issue, which I was really disappointed in, but this month we see a nice improvement in the story.  However, still not enough to knock my socks off.  Our story opens up with Hal’s splinter Justice League group recovering from Clayface blowing himself up.  They decide to leave and go interrogate another villain to see what Prometheus is up to.  Following them is none other than Batwoman.  It was announced that Batwoman would be part of this team and she finally makes her appearance.  Things are moving a bit too slow for me.

Our story moves over to Paris where Congorilla and Starman Mikaal Tomas are battling it out with two Z level characters named Penny Dreadful and Arak.  Both are working for Prometheus and Arak confesses to assisting Prometheus in the killing of the gorillas in Africa and kidnapping Congorilla’s gorilla friend, Malavar.  Congorilla is ready to kill them, but Starman stops him.  Penny kills Arak for betraying Prometheus and Mikaal kills Penny as she tries to kill Congorilla.  Mikaal is ashamed that his deceased lover Tony would not have approved of what he just did.  Congorilla comforts him, but also states that the trail for Prometheus has gone cold.

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DC Comics: Justice League: Cry for Justice #3

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, DC Comics,


Rating: **

Here is another series that started off great, but is slowly going downhill.  The one saving grace is the artwork.  Mauro Cascioli is doing some great work here.  I particularly like his work on Congorilla.  In this issue we have two back-to-back splash pages that show Congorilla and Starman fighting off some bad guys and it looks absolutely awesome!  When I heard Conogrilla was going to be a part of this team, I thought I wouldn’t like the character, but so far I like him and think he would be good on the Justice League for a while.  Now to the story.

In our last issue, we saw Green Lantern’s pro-active Justice League taking shape.  GL and Green Arrow met up with the Atom, Shazam, and Supergirl.  In a weird scene, the issue opens up with GL questioning Supergirl on whether she’s here as a hero or a villain.  He asks her this because of the recent events in the Superman books with New Krypton and some of the Kryptonians acting like bad guys.  Instead of having Supergirl stand up to GL and say she’s a hero and her own person, she begins to cry!  I know Kara is a teenager, but come on.  It’s bad enough that female characters in comics have tough times being front and center of things, but to have her cry is just wrong and it makes her look weak. 

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Everybody Loves Supergirl

Posted by Todd Matthy Categories: Reviews, DC Comics,


It’s that time again. Time for Comix411’s favorite feature, EVERYBODY LOVES SUPERGIRL! This month it’s issue number 43.

It’s Kara’s birthday and all is not well.  Her father is dead, she killed Lois’ sister, and failed to bring in Reactron, incurring the wrath of her mother, and as if that wasn’t enough she has to pick a guild to serve in for the rest of her life. As punishment for her failure, Alura forces Kara to perform daily tasks for a different Kryptonian guild everyday. Alura did this so Kara can experience life in each guild so she can make an informed decision about what to do with her life leading to a heart-to-heart between mother and daughter. Awwww.

Okay, summary done. Now let’s see if it was any good. I enjoyed this issue. I liked that Sterling Gates decided to frame the story in the form of a letter to her dead father. It allows you to experience the emotional gamut and stress Kara is going through on the eve of the biggest decision of her life. In fact, it reminds me of the stress I felt deciding which college to go to and choosing a career. In other words you can easily step into Kara’s shoes. There are some humorous scenes such as Kara’s visit with the religious guild, emotional scenes, and, of course, drama.

Art-wise, Joshua Middleton turned out a great cover. One of the best of the entire series, which makes me wonder, WHY ISN’T HE DOING INTERIORS!!!!!!! I’ve been a fan of his since his days at Crossgen and his Disney-esqe style is perfect for Supergirl.  I Like Jamal Igles art, he does a beautiful Kara (that’s not hard to do) and a good Krypton, but doesn’t convey the wonder and emotion like Middleton’s art does.

Visit my website, Sledgehammer Productions for minutes and minutes of fun!

DC Comics Review: Adventure Comics #0

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I’ve mentioned in past blogs that I’ve been reading comics for about twenty-four years. I began as a big Marvel Zombie and my knowledge of the DC universe was only from old episodes of the “Super Friends”. It’s really only in the past few years that I’ve been reading more DC Comics.

This issue of “Adventure Comics” #0 (at the bargain price of $1) is a preliminary issue for the relaunch of this classic series. In this issue, we have two different stories: one is a reprint of the classic story that introduced the Legion of Super Heroes in the pages of the first Adventure series #247 and the second is an original story that is a part of the “Origins and Omens” series that DC has going through all of their books right now.  The story stars Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

The original “Adventure Comics” which ran from 1935-1983 was a series which focused on second tier DC characters. The book focused on a variety of different heroes over the years such as Superboy, Supergirl, The Spectre, Aquaman, and the Legion of Superheroes. According to DC publisher Dan Dido, the new series begins in June and will be the home of the Legion of Superheroes.

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The World According to Todd: Best of 2008

Laura Vandervoort

Figure Caption: You gotta love Supergirl!

It’s that time of year again when we look back at the year and see what lived up to our expectations and what fell flat on its face. So without further ado…here is MY Best of 2008.

Book of the Year: Captain America
When my friends ask me what the best comic out there is, this is my answer. Every month, Brubaker mixes social commentary, superhero history, and pulse pounding action into a symphony of awesomeness. As icing on the cake there is always a new twist or a new piece of character development that makes aspiring writers (like myself) bang their heads on a table wishing they thought of it. Damn you, Ed. Steve Epting’s artwork continues to be realistic and energetic with fun homages to great artists like Steranko.

Worst Book: Countdown to Final Crisis
Wasted time.  Countdown to Final Crisis was an over-hyped highlight reel of the DC Universe that promised to set the stage for Final Crisis. Not only did it not set the stage for Final Crisis, it didn’t do much of anything except steal minutes from my life I’ll never get back. That and about $156 from my wallet. 

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Random Thoughts

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Presented for your enjoyment a series of random thoughts:

* Is it possible that they are publishing more Captain America comics now that he is dead then when he was alive?
* Is the Superman/Supergirl Maelstrom mini-series drawn by someone who had never seen the characters before he got the assignment?
* Isn’t the Secret Wars Requiem a real rip-off because it is mostly old Ant-Man stories?
* With all the different colored Lanterns showing up in the DC universe, will we get to see the Pink Lanterns? You know, the gay ones? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
* Wasn’t it cool when in Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter answers the phone with “Hall of Justice”?
* Exactly how many named characters in the Marvel universe has Tony Stark slept with? Apparently She-Hulk and the Lady Liberator’s are taking a census. And who thought up the name Lady Liberators anyway? Sounds 1940ish to me.
* If Batman 683 is picking up from 682, a miracle in itself, don’t we still want to know where the heck in continuity this story line lies?
* Didn’t we just have a year without Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman?
* Can we find out once and for all if Earthlings and Kryptonians can reproduce? All-Star Superman says no, but aren’t the All-Star books set in a different universe? Apparently Clark and Lois spent a year together without Super-powers so shouldn’t we know something by now?
* How could they send off SuperGirl in Smallville? In a Smallville filled with gorgeous women wasn’t she the tops?