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Microsoft Scores With Facebook

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Facebook's ZuckerbergTake that, Google! Microsoft has managed to one-up Google by investing $240 million for a 1.6% share in Facebook. It also has the rights to sell ads on the site outside of the U.S. Some experts say that they are hoping that the company will expand and become a “hub” for its various Net applications. So far, Facebook has about 50 million subscribers and claims that it receives 250,000 new ones every day. Microsoft hopes that it will reach a forecasted 300 million. We figure that MS is partying hearty over this one since Google beat them out last year with its acquisition of YouTube.

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Hellgate: London Subscription Multiplayer Details Revealed

Hellgate London fight scene

The latest issue of Games for Windows Magazine has revealed all the details pertaining to the subscription service Hellgate: London will be sporting. Luckily, previous statements proved to be true as online multiplayer will be free for all players. Beyond that, there are some perks that may warrant paying the monthly fee of $9.95 to become an ‘Elite’ player, but casual players should find the free game to suffice. If Hellgate turns out to be anything like Diablo, it’s going to suck in a lot of unsuspecting people and get them to fork over that subscription fee.

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GameTap Adding Sega Saturn Games

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BugGameTap is apparently adding support for Sega Saturn games to its subscription-based service. Gamasutra is reporting that there is a current easter egg on the service that leads users to play the Saturn game Bug! for a limited time. This would be a great addition to the service, particularly since many of the Sega Saturn exclusive games have never been released as a part of any classics collections. Even if one had the actual hardware, many of the games are also collector’s items now, so having legitimate versions available for play via GameTap may be the only way to experience some of the gems on the console.

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