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NYC Cabbies Stage Strike

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: GPS, Misc. Tech, Transportation

NYC CabLast month we told you about NY cabbies who were disgruntled about the new requirement that all taxis have GPS and touchscreen monitors that allow customers to pay by credit card. Yesterday began a two day strike that showed that the drivers were serious in their threats about suffering a lack of privacy with the new rule. Backed by The New York Taxi Workers Alliance, it wasn’t apparent how many took part in the strike and the ramifications of the opposition remain to be seen since other groups opposed the strike.

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Wii Sports Bowling Easter Egg: The 91 Pin Strike

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Nintendo, Sports, Wii

It will take a bit of skill, but no doubt, this is one cool Easter Egg. In the training mode of Wii Sports Bowling, you are able to try your luck against an ever-growing number of pins, capping at a 91-pin setup. Rather than going for broke trying to legitimately knock down all 91 of those bad boys, you can apparently trigger an explosion of atomic levels if you just send the ball straight down the bumper. Check the video to see what we mean.