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iplayer Offers Streamed Viewing


Netgem has launched its iplayer, which allows download of subscription-free programs for as far back as a week for up to 30 days of HD playback. The device originated in 2003 as an IMP (integrated media player,) but now includes one touch recording, podcasts on TV, streaming radio, media sharing from your PC, music and video capture, PC exporting and auto-upgrades.
According to Screen Digest data, 520.2 million pieces of content were streamed in 2006, mostly for free. They believe this amount will jump to 2.3 billion by 2011. Contact Netgem if you would like to register for the iplayer, which is now is by invitation only, but will expand by the end of the summer. Frankly, we think Netgem should get together with Netflix, in light of its recent troubles.


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