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Quote of the Day: Stephen King Watches ‘Revenge’ Over ‘Mad Men’

Stephen King

"Justified, Bates Motel, The Walking Dead. The best show of the year is The Americans. I don't watch Mad Men. I think it’s basically soap opera, and if I want soap opera, I watch Revenge. That show is crazy, but they have great clothes."

- Novelist Stephen King reveals what he's watching (and what he prefers not to watch) on television these days.

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Julianne Moore Confirmed for Carrie Remake

Julianne MooreJulianne Moore has been confirmed to star in a remake of Carrie.

The 51-year-old actress has signed up to play the titular character's abusive, fundamentalist Christian mother, Margaret White, in a reboot of the 1976 horror movie, which will see Dark Shadows actress Chloe Moretz take on the lead role. The Three Musketeers star Gabriella Wilde will portray Sue Snell in the film, which will see Kimberly Peirce direct with Kevin Misher producing, Deadline reports.

Julianne was offered the role of Margaret in March, while Chloe is thought to have beaten off competition from Dakota Fanning and Saorsie Ronan to play Carrie, an abused girl with psychic powers who experiences bullying troubles but gets pushed too far one night. Kimberley is thought to be using Stephen King's original book as an inspiration for the reboot, which could see a new take on the story.

The Carrie remake is scheduled for a March 15, 2013 release.

Chloe Moretz: Carrie Will be Dark and Psychological

Chloe MoretzChloe Moretz says the Carrie remake will be "darker and more psychological" than the original.

The Kick-Ass actress has signed up to play the titular role - a bullied schoolgirl who discovers she has psychic powers and uses them to cause havoc in her hometown - in the reboot of the 1976 horror film, and she revealed the movie will have similarities to 2010 psychological thriller Black Swan: "It's darker and much more psychological. More Black Swan. You're really looking into her mind and it really looks into the relationship of Margaret and Carrie. It's set in modern time, so it's a lot different," she said.

The 15-year-old actress confirmed the remake will be based on the Stephen King novel of the same name more than the previous motion picture - which starred Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie, with Brian De Palma at the helm - even though she admits the film was "one of the best movies ever made."

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A Restart for Firestarter

About Last Night isn’t the only '80s film that will get a possible remake. Variety reports that Universal and Dino De Laurentiis Co. are looking to fire up a new version of Firestarter.

In the original 1984 film, Drew Barrymore played Charlie, an 8-year-old girl who could make her hair – and major sparks – fly when she was really upset. Her powers were a result of experiments that were done on her parents prior to her birth. The movie -- an adaptation of a Stephen King novel -- also starred David Keith, Martin Sheen and George C. Scott.

Although details of the script are unknown, it will supposedly be loosely-based on the original story.

"We see this as a unique, character-driven thriller with a supernatural edge, based on a timeless concept and enhanced by recent visual effects advances," Martha De Laurentiis stated.

Mark L. Smith (Vacancy) has been tapped to write the screenplay.

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Casting Corner: True Blood, Justified and More

Michael Steger

Here’s a quick look at some of the casting announcements made recently:

True Blood: Michael Steger briefly saw his ex-girlfriend date another woman on 90210. Now, he’s been cast as a gay prostitute on HBO’s hit program. Steger, who is right now only scheduled for a one-episode appearance in Season 3, will get picked up by the Vampire King of Mississippi. Steger could possibly have a recurring role in Season 4.

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Free Comic Book Day: John Stanley, Jim Shooter And The Last Airbender

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials,

YowIt’s here! Saturday, May 1 is Free Comic Book Day! My favorite day of the year! Okay, not really my favorite day of the year, but any day you can get some free comics has to feel like an extra birthday, right? A lot of publishers are producing some great stuff to pick up, but here are the six that I’m most looking forward to:

Library of American Comics #0 (IDW)
Eisner Award-winning Editor Dean Mullaney is an old friend who does great archival work over at IDW. If he published Milton Caniff’s old shopping lists I wouldn’t be able to hit Amazon’s “add to shopping cart” button fast enough. This special preview comic has 32 pages of excerpts from upcoming collections of Archie by Bob Montana, Secret Agent Corrigan by Al Williamson, Blondie by Chic Young, The Complete Bloom County Library by Berkeley Breathed, Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, Polly and Her Pals by Cliff Sterrett, Dick Tracy by Chester Gould, and Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray. This looks like a great introduction into some good old stuff.

Toy Story (Boom! Kids)
I’m biased here because I have kids and they love Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear. With Toy Story 3 popping up this summer, BOOM Kids! is ready to hand out some all-new adventures by Jesse Blaze Snider and Nathan Watson. I’m in because I already get the regular comics and their other Pixar stuff, so I’m a little OCD about this.

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Remake News: Speedy Gonzales, Pet Semetary and More

Speedy Gonzales: George Lopez has already voiced a chihuahua, so it’s only logical he would take on Mexico’s fastest mouse next. The comedian is now set to lead a live-action/CG hybrid version of Speedy Gonzales, the famous animated series from the 1950’s. Although the cartoon’s depictions have been labeled racist in recent years, Ann Lopez, George’s wife/producing partner, promises the storyline will be updated for the times. “Speedy’s going to be a misunderstood boy who comes from a family that works in a very meticulous setting, and he’s a little too fast for what they do,” she explained. “He makes a mess of that. So he has to go out in the world to find what he’s good at.”

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Mix Tape: Stephen King Works with Shooter Jennings, Courtney Love Tours with Hole

Shooter Jennings-It’s no secret that Stephen King is a music lover, so why not help Shooter Jennings with his upcoming concept album?

-Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams will soon be following Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s shoes. She’ll start playing Roxie Hart in Chicago next month.

-Speaking of Broadway, that’s where Green Day’s musical is headed. American Idiot will kick off on April 20.

-It’s time to unpack your flannel. Chris Cornell has confirmed that Soundgarden will be reuniting. The band split in 1997.

-And while we’re on the grunge page, let’s talk about Courtney Love. The singer will be touring with her band Hole next month in Europe.

Remake News: MacGyver, It, The Bodyguard and More

MacGyver: Now you didn’t think those MacGruber skits would lead nowhere, did ya? After seeing a renewed interest in the former ABC series (thanks NBC), New Line has decided to pounce on the golden opportunity. The story about a resourceful agent (Angus MacGyver) who improvised during critical moments will now be turned into a motion picture. No casting decisions or script have been completed.

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Fictionwise Offers Free eBooks

The StandAfter reading that Fictionwise is releasing 3 free Stephen King ebook novels for free with rebate if you pay with credit card or Paypal, we went more in depth and found that they are also offering others at no cost. Selections include the classic “Around the World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne, “Ghost Rider: Stories” by Jonathan Lowe, and a sample of the Oxford Paperback Thesaurus ( 348 pages.) Join their club and there are more hot deals. Most books come in eReader, Mobipocket, and Microsoft Reader.

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