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Baby Jesus Receives GPS

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Baby JesusA baby Jesus statue was taken from a nativity scene in Bal Harbour’s Founders Circle, Florida, although it was bolted down at the time. Cincinnati attorney Jeffrey Harris read about the crime online and generously replaced it with a new one. Dina Cellini, the overseer of the display, has equipped the new figure and its ceramic parents with GPS devices to avoid the same event happening again. We are thinking that this might be an excellent strategy for protecting our lawn gnomes, too.

(Thanks, Mike)

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Bring Your Mii into the Real World with MiiSculptures

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Mii Bill Gates

One of the many things we love about our Wii are the Miis, the imaginary characters you create yourself and use to play Wii games with. The Miis are even the focus of Nintendo’s current ad campaign for the Wii. It’s a fact that people get very attached to their Miis, and if you’re one of them, we have a website for you: MiiSculptures.com. That’s right, just provide a photo of your Mii, and the artists at MiiSculptures will create an actual sculpture (that’s Bill Gates above). Strangely, we can’t find pricing on their website, so we suggest you contact them before ordering. However, they do offer free international shipping. You’ll receive your new friend 3-4 weeks after your order is placed.

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