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Andy Rubin: There are now over 900,000 Android devices activated each day

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Andy Rubin Android

Android chief Andy Rubin took to Twitter yesterday, posting his eleventh tweet to shoot down a rumor started by Robert Scoble that said he was set to leave Google to join a company called CloudCar. Rubin responded by saying he has no plans to leave Google, and also dropped an impressive Android tidbit. According to Rubin, there are now over 900,000 Android devices activated each day. This is up from the 850,000 per-day that was touted just four months ago. Can't call that anything but impressive.

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American Idol 8: iTunes Stats Revealed

American Idol iTunes

In case you somehow missed the massive promotion, iTunes is partnered with . Every week, you can download tracks as sung by the contestants themselves, studio versions of the ditties they sing on the big Idol stage. The iTunes data, however, isn’t (supposed to be) released during the Idol season - doing so might reveal too much about who’s hot and who’s not on the show.

But iTunes has slipped up in the past and “accidentally” released these stats. Predictably, it’s . Of the current crop of competitors, it seems that Adam Lambert is resoundingly the most downloaded, with Kris Allen coming in at number two.

Matt Giraud is currently in the lowest position as far as iTunes standings go.

(You can find all the American Idol 8 posts here.)

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Millions Watch Inauguration Online

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The Royal Obamas

We heard that over 5 billion global viewers watched the Presidential inauguration yesterday, but if you were one of those that kept track and participated in CNN and Facebook’s streaming partnership, you weren’t the only one. According to statistics, the pairing resulted in 600,000 status updates posted with 4,000 updates per minute. With millions logged on during the broadcast, about 8,500 status updates were posted in the first minute of President Obama’s speech. CNN itself got more than 136 million page views.


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Nikon GP-1 GPS Unit

Nikon GP-1Nikon’s GP-1 GPS Unit can add geotags to your photos so that the latitude, longitude, altitude and time information can be noted. It features 3 blinking lights for satellite receiving indications and gets its power from the camera itself. It takes about 45 seconds to record from a cold start and only 5 sec. with a hot one. The GP-1 is compatible with the Nikon D90, D3, D300, D700, D2Xs and D200, although some may need a cable and firmware update. At a size of 2 x 1.8 x 1-inches, pre-order at J&R for $209.00.

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Survey Says: American Households Spend $1,200 A Year On Gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has just released the results of a study they conducted in February, and the word from them is that the average American household spends about $1,200 per year on gadgets. It appears that televisions are the biggest piece of the pie, as 92% of American homes have them, and 25% of those homes own sets. are also way up there, not surprisingly, owned by 76% of all American households. Focusing on more recent times, it seems that network hardware components are the hottest sellers right now, as American households are integrating more personal computers into the mix, requiring routers and wireless access points. Along with DVRs, network equipment purchases rose by 8%.

“Many of the top owned products have enjoyed mass-market saturation for years and will likely see growth based on upgrade and replacement sales,” said CEA senior research analyst Elena Caudle. “Some of the more intriguing categories are those that still occupy niche markets, such as mobile CE devices like GPS systems and satellite radio, which have seen healthy growth in the past few years.”

Even more interesting though, is that it was determined that the average teen spends about half of their total income on consumer electronics and gadgets. Households with teenagers exceed the national purchasing average of $1,200 by up to $500.

Of course, to readers of this site, this is nothing new. In fact, we bet that many of you, like us, can spend upwards of $5,000 a year on gadgets or more. Are we right? Let us know in the comments, or hit up the forums. How much do you spend on gadgets on an annual basis?

Stat’s All Folks: Barons, Derons, and C’MONs!

Baron DavisStat’s All Folks will be a week-to-week stock market look at the standard cumulative categories – points, assists, rebounds, three-pointers made, steals, and blocks.  I’ll be calling out the “bulls” and “bears” in each category, in order to help you assess your portfolio of players on your fantasy basketball team(s) and whether you should sell, hold, and/or diversify your assets.

Statistics are through November 9th – 15th.  



Baron Davis, PG, Golden State Warriors
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 3 G; 26.0 PPG; 49.1 FG%; 69.2 FT%

Head coach Don Nelson’s up-tempo offense is like Mickey D’s to Davis – he’s lovin’ it!  Although, if you look at the new slimmer and trimmer Davis, he isn’t loving cheeseburgers and fries as much anymore.  While, he’s revealing that he is “the man” in the new offense – scoring points, passing off assists, and actually shooting decent percentages – let’s hope Davis doesn’t pull a Kirstie Alley and flaunt the weight loss.  Baron, just show off your game!

Joe Johnson, PG/SG, Atlanta Hawks
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 3 G; 30.3 PPG; 50.0 FG%; 82.4 FT%

Okay, tell me if you’ve heard this one before – Joe Johnson is no “ordinary Joe.”  That must have been the twelfth time this week, right?  Well, Johnson just can’t help making news and receiving the adulation of writers as he is just flat-out playing like an MVP right now.  J.J. is showing a healthy appetite for putting the ball in the basket and this week isn’t any sort of fluke as Johnson’s been scoring more than Ken Jennings in a round of Jeopardy from the start of the season.  It should be noted that J.J. ranked third overall last week in scoring with 28.7 points in three games.  Just call him “extraordinary Joe.”

Other Blue-Chippers for the Week

Michael Redd, SG, Milwaukee Bucks – 4 G; 35.0 PPG
Carmelo Anthony, SF, Denver Nuggets – 4 G; 33.5 PPG
Dwyane Wade, PG/SG, Miami Heat – 3 G; 31.7 PPG

Keep An Eye On

Carlos Boozer, PF/C, Utah Jazz – 3 G; 23.0 PPG
Tony Parker, PG, San Antonio Spurs – 3 G; 22.0 PPG

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