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Video Simulates Black Hole

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Want to know what it would feel like to hop into a black hole without having to travel in space and actually doing it? Andrew Hamilton and Gavin Polhemus at the University of Colorado built a computer code which is based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The “participant” goes on an orbit into the hole that weighs 5 million times the mass of the sun. Starlight behind the black hole is swallowed up, however light from other ones are merely bent. They are hoping that the knowledge will help physicists understand the inner workings of the hole.


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Meade EXT-LS Telescope

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EXT-LSChecking out the sky is fun, but you could be frozen by the time you find what you were looking for. Meade’s EXT-LS telescope, with Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optics for a better picture, has a computerized scope that will automatically locate the star, moon, planet or star you are seeking. Once it is locked in with LightSwitch technology, you can take photos with its built-in camera or check out audio and video clips. The EXT-LS can find over 500 objects and is available for $1,299.00.

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Christmas Tree Cluster

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Christmas Tree Cluster

While you are enjoying your Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Chanukah, look up and think about how some of our greatest gifts are free. The Christmas Tree Cluster is composed of bright blue stars in front of a red gas background. It was first discovered in the 18th century, but was captured again from the European Southern Observatory in Chile. The cluster is in the constellation of Monoceros, the unicorn, about 2,600 light years from Earth.


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Great World Wide Star Count

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ConstellationsThe 2008 Great World Wide Star Count begins today. Amateur and pro skywatchers can go outside, check out a constellation, compare it with one of UCAR’s (University Corporation for Atmospheric Reasearch) charts, then report what you see online. Last year the event drew over 6,600 observations on 7 continents, and the project is hoping to double that amount this year. Running until November 3, the count helps scientists map pollution while forcing all of us to be able to identify something besides Orion.

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Celebrated Stars to Lengthen Walk of Fame

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Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood’s Walk of Fame will welcome twenty-five new additions next year to celebrate the achievements of our favorite celebs…and a few others we barely remember.

, Tim Burton, Shakira, Ben Kingsley and the Village People are among those who will soon grace the Walk. Stars for the Walk are picked by virtue of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Walk of Fame Committee.

This famed sidewalk currently features more than two thousand stars bearing the names of celebs.

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Red Wings Take Series, Beat Stars

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Henrik Zetterberg and Marty Turco
On Monday night the Dallas Stars took a 4-1 loss at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings who, with the victory, advance to the Stanley Cup finals. The Red Wings never let up from the word go, scoring three goals in the first period and one goal in the 2nd.

“We were relentless,” Kris Draper of the Detroit Red Wings said. “It was just a solid first period and obviously the difference in the hockey game. … We’re back in the Stanley Cup and it sounds great for us.”

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Idol Gives Back Tidbits

American IdolThough ’s charity extravaganza won’t air until Wednesday, much of the show has been pre-taped…and thus, it’s already happened. Want to know who showed up to sing what? Want to know more about the money the event wants to raise? Want to know what’s going to happen…before it does? Keep reading or turn back now - spoilers to follow.

Last year’s spectacular raised more than $75 million for various charitable organizations and even helped FOX score an honorary Emmy award. The official financial statement for the event will be released in May. This year’s goal is to raise at least $100 million in funds for charity. To kick off the night and begin the event, the Top 8 Idols performed Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music.”

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Steroid Allegations Shake Up Music Industry

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50 CentYou don’t have to be buff to make a music video - but it certainly does help. Just ask rapper-turned-superstar , who first made an impression with his pecs (not his rhymes). Recently, R&B notables , , and , among others, were named for steroid use by the media. Now, we just have to find out if it’s true. But what if it is? is competitive, sure, but it’s not a sport. The only trophies awarded are - and aren’t these given for sound, not looks?

Currently, officials are saying there is nothing to indicate the celebs broke the law. They are, however, being investigated. So far, only the Blige representative has answered the charges with a resounding denial. The other recording artists accused have not commented. Congressional hearings which will delve into steroid abuse in the baseball industry will begin this month.

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See Space With mySky

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mySkyMeade has added to its family of telescopes with mySky. The point-and-shoot device features a 480 x 234 display, a 12 channel GPS receiver for auto alignment, electronic accelerometers for direction finding, and magnetic North sensors. It has audio to match what you are seeing, so it is like having your own planetarium.  With powersaving capability, it will last up to six hours with its 4 x AA (not included) batteries, storage with an included 256MB SD card, and earbuds. Check out Mead’s site for a nice video clip of the mySky at work.

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Pitt and Jolie Clan to Grow

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, while promoting his latest flick, told reporters on Sunday that he and are ready for another baby. Pitt’s film is about the wild West outlaw Jesse James, and he appeared for his promotion with Jolie and their collected children by his side. Together, the couple has four children, including 15-month Shiloh, the only one biologically born to the couple. Neither Pitt nor Jolie gave any clues as to whether their fifth child will be adopted or biologically born to them.  Brad Pitt further went on to say he’s quite pleased with fatherhood, though he isn’t getting much sleep. 

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