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DC Fast Charging with Combined Charging System is the future of EV power

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DC Fast Charging with Combined Charging System

In the world of EVs, the quicker you can charge your vehicle when on the go, the better. That's one stark difference between the electric cars and their gas counterparts--while you're saving money from not having to visit the pump, you're certainly losing out on time. Well, that's about to change, as several EV manufacturers have agreed on a new 20-minute fast-charging standard that'll take you from empty to full within 20 minutes. It's called DC Fast Charging with a Combined Charging System, and the folks over at Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Porsche, and Volkswagen has all agreed that this is the future.

Oh, and to be clear, this really is the future. As in, don't expect to see vehicles that support the stndard for another year or so. Heck, over in Europe, the ACEA isn't even guaranteeing that you'll see charging stations adopting the standard over there until 2017. Hopefully things pick up a little quicker than that here in the US.


American Idol 8: Top 5 Results

The eighth season of is winding down, which means the competition is heating up. “I have your results!” Ryan Seacrest promised at the top of the hour, touting 47 million votes and an evening filled with drama.

“Everybody was good,” said of the preceding performance round, which occurred the night before the results show.

The same could not be said of the terrible Ford music video, which was again marked by bad choreography and poor cinematography. The Top 5 then performed a medley of “I Don’t Mean a Thing” and “I Got Rhythm.” I still didn’t get to hear “Swingin’ on a Star.” The Top 5 group performance was, in a word, awful. It was boring, the song choices were bad and the choreography was decidedly lackluster after last week’s highly entertaining performance.

The Idol contestant clip of the week showed the Top 5 in the kitchen, who attempted to make birthday cakes for celebrants Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey. A horrendous mess ensued. then gave Gokey a gift - a bill from Best Bets Maid Service, LLC. They charged $6,000 for the disaster in the kitchen. “You mean American Idol doesn’t take care of that?” Danny quipped.

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American Idol 8: Top 5 Perform

American Idol 8 Top 5

The Top 5 performance night of 8 was all about the Rat Pack - that collection of music from five friends which will live on in the memories of all those who enjoyed Big Band classics. Naturally, I expected this round to be very, very boring indeed.

The Idols certainly looked the part when they stepped out onstage, the men wearing suits and Allison Iraheta in a very age-appropriate dress. The “mystery” mentor for this week was Oscar winner and successful recording artist . His clip showed him to be incredibly charming during his first meeting with the contestants.

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