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Justin Bieber Speeding Long Before Arrest?

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Music, Legal Issues,

Justin BieberJustin Bieber was allegedly speeding hours before he was arrested in Miami last month.

The 19-year-old star was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), resisting arrest and driving with an invalid license on January 23, but the singer's yellow rented Lamborghini reached 136 MPH at 1.23 a.m., long before he was pulled over by police shortly after 4 a.m.

According to data, obtained by TMZ.com, from the car's built-in GPS tracking system, which recorded its speed and location at all times, the vehicle clocked 108 MPH on the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami Beach and accelerated to 136 MPH within a minute while being driven to Set nightclub, where the singer arrived at 2:27 a.m. and partied for an hour before leaving. But the data also shows that Justin was cruising under the speed limit at 27 MPH when he was arrested and accused of drag racing at between 55 and 60 MPH for 15 blocks.

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Kylie Jenner Caught Speeding

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Television, Legal Issues,

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner got a speeding ticket over the weekend.

The 16-year-old reality TV star was pulled over by a police officer in Malibu on Saturday and slapped with a fine after she was caught allegedly driving too fast in her $125,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV. The brunette beauty passed her driving test on August 12 last year, two days after her 16th birthday, and was given the luxury vehicle as a gift from her now-separated parents Bruce and Kris Jenner.

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Carrie Underwood and Husband Pulled Over for Speeding

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Music, Sports, Legal Issues,

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike FisherCarrie Underwood and her husband were pulled over for speeding yesterday.

The country music star and her ice hockey player spouse Mike Fisher were stopped by police officers after exceeding a 45 mile-per-hour speed limit and the 30-year-old beauty later poked fun at the situation on Twitter.

"Ok...so, Mr. ''I'm gonna start a driving school in Nashville'' just got us pulled over for going 56 in a 45. Just sayin... (sic)" she wrote on Twitter.

Defending his brush with the law, speed demon Mike, 33, claimed he was rushing home because the couple's pet pup had to go to the toilet. "@carrieunderwood not my fault Ace had to pee! (sic)" he wrote on the social networking site.

Ironically, just hours prior to the incident, Mike boasted about his motoring prowess and even posted "driving 101" tips on his Twitter account: "I think I may start a driver education school in Nashville. U could make a fortune: ) #drivingpetpeeves driving slow in the fast lane #drivingpetpeeves not moving halfway into the intersection when waiting to turn left at a green light #driving101 (sic)"

Nick Gordon Arrested for Speeding

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Television, Legal Issues, Mug Shots,

Nick GordonNick Gordon has been arrested for speeding and reckless driving.

The "adopted" son of Whitney Houston, who recently called off his engagement to Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, was taken into custody in Alpharetta, Georgia on Wednesday after being caught speeding through the town.

A law enforcement source told gossip website TMZ, "We are fortunate because that's such a busy corridor with high end retail shopping restaurants and pedestrians at crosswalks. At that speed, it's absolutely reckless."

Nick's arrest came hours after Bobbi Kristina lost control of her Chevy Camaro when leaving her apartment complex and drove down an embankment before coming to a stop on a local park trail. She was cited by police for "failure to maintain lane."

Mercedes-Benz techs caught joyriding customer’s AMG C63

Posted by Andrey Malskiy Categories: Transportation, Videos,

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors at a dealership after dropping your car off for service? In normal cases, your car is well-maintained and treated with respect. However, once in a blue-moon, your car may fall into the wrong hands. Hands that decide to post a joyride, starring your car, on YouTube.

Here’s footage, recorded by two techs at a Canadian dealership, that shows them taking a Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Couple Black Series out for a “test run." If you’re not familiar with the C63, it’s a beast designed for the Autobahn. Beneath it’s hood lies a precision engineered, 510-horsepower motor. This, in the wrong hands, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Luckily, no damage was done to the car or to others. The video does have the Mercedes-Benz community buzzing for the sheer stupidity of the stunt, and for red lining the motor so long. Check out the video above for yourself.

Escort Introduces Redline Radar Detector - Darwinian Theory Put to Test

Escort Redline scanner

Remember the Fuzz-buster?  No?  Am I dating myself be referencing 80’s tech here?  Well, anyways - welcome to the next generation of police-evading technology.  Escort recently announced its newest model in radar detectors: The Redline.  With the Redline you get a substantially increased radar-detection envelope - 13 miles according to the press release - and can now snub your nose at the law with impunity.  It ships in August and is available for $499.95, a mere pittance to pay for the privelege to personally test the theory of Natural Selection - don’t let cops get in your way from attaining that ultimate pinnacle of street-racing cred: your very own white-cross on the side of I-95!

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American Idol Contestant Has DUI Record

Amanda Overmyer

If you picked Amanda Overmyer to be the first American Idoler with an exposed past - it’s time to cash up.

The National Enquirer has gone to the trouble of unearthing the singer’s checkered history with a lead foot.  The Mulberry, Indiana native had already racked up a string of speeding violations prior to a DUI arrest back in October 2006.  (She once hit 100 in a 45 mph zone.)  The alcohol-related incident earned her a .108 breathalyzer score and six-hour stay in an Indiana jail.  After pleading guilty, TMZ reports the singer received a suspended sentence has since completed her probation.

Making matters worse?  The Enquirer also claims there are nude photos of her out there currently being shopped around.  Awesome!  If you were to add those two items to the 23-year-old’s criminal rendition of “Carry On My Wayward Son” last night, you could say she’s already hit the trifecta.  (You can see that performance after the jump.)

The producers have yet to issue a comment.  (I think they’re hoping the viewers will do them the favor of eliminating her first.)

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National Enquirer

Aaron Carter Arrested

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Music, Drugs,

Aaron CarterThe guy once linked to both Hillary Duff and now has something in common with the latter:  he’s been arrested.

, Nick’s younger bro, was detained early this afternoon for speeding in Kimble County, Texas.  After the pop singer (I believe he’s a singer - though I couldn’t name anything he’s sung to save my life) was pulled over, deputies discovered marijuana inside his vehicle.  According to TMZ, the 20-year-old had at least 2 ounces in his possession.  Smart.

Carter is currently being held in Junction City while he awaits his first court appearance on Friday.

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Cops Can’t Resist the Anti-Ticket Donut

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Toys, Transportation,

Anti-Ticket DonutWe have all made some of those traffic errors and gotten tickets that might have been ignored with the proper bribery. The Anti-Ticket Donut is designed for those occasions. When the police officer asks you to produce your registration and license, reach right into your glove compartment and offer him/her the chocolate ($8.75) or sprinkled ($9.95) treat-in-a-tin. Of course, the donut is made of plastic, but we figure you can always stop at Krispy Kreme for the real thing if you are heading towards a known speed trap. Besides, it would make a great gift for your uncle, Chief Wiggum.

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