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Unboxing Gallery: Halo 3 Edition Microsoft Zune

We were able to get our hands on one of the soon-to-be-released Halo 3 Edition Microsoft Zunes, and we figured you guys might be interested if we put it through one of our Unboxing Ceremonies. We did just that, and the results can be found in our Halo 3 Zune Unboxing Gallery. For those who haven’t heard, Microsoft will be making a special edition Zune available, with both the hardware and software featuring Halo 3-themed elements, to build up excitement for the impending release of Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. Check out the gallery, and let us know what you think.

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Konami Offering Special Edition PSP With Portable Ops

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Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops

Konami will ship Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on December 21st in Japan. While the debut of the software comes after the United States release, the Japanese audience will receive two special edition bundles that include a special camouflage version of the PSP and special slip cases. The Limited Premium Pack includes a special snakeskin slipcase and wrist strap, while the regular Premium Pack will include a cloth case and strap. The Limited Premium Pack will sell for 39,690 Yen ($337 US) and the regular pack will sell for 29,190 Yen ($248 US).

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Verizon To Bring White LG Chocolate For Holidays

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White LG ChocolateWe have seen that an awful lot of you have checked out our LG Chocolate VX8500 review that we published a few weeks ago, so we figure that there are quite a few Chocolate fans out there. Well, for those who waited on the purchase (or for the big spenders,) you might be pleased to know that Verizon is planning a white LG Chocolate phone which should launch sometimes next month. We don’t expect any of the features to be bumped (although, the speakerphone should come already enabled) - but being that this will likely be a special edition, the price may see an increase

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Japan Again Goes Pokemon Crazy

Poke-nutIt would be pretty safe to say that gamers should expect that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS will debut at the top of the Japanese software sales list this week. Past releases have shown that new releases of the Nintendo DS will spawn large lines in Japan; a special edition Pokemon DS combined with the latest game in the franchise was enough to draw the Japanese out in huge numbers. At times the lines for the game and special edition DS reached over 5 hours long, with over a thousand gamers waiting in some locations. Nintendo’s Pokemon Centers in Japan also looked to be hosting special events for the game’s release as well. Famitsu has a bunch of pictures of gamers lining up to buy the game and the special edition DS, along with some images of the unusual promotions going on with the new release. The game is scheduled for a release in the US some time in 2007.

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Yet Another Special Edition Nintendo DS

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Winning Eleven DSYet another special edition Nintendo DS Lite has been announced for Japan; this time, the latest version of Winning Eleven for the DS will be offered in a special set including the game, a black DS with an image traced into the cover, and a special carrying case. The full set will be available for 21,840 Yen, and stores in Japan are currently taking reservations. If the set follows the general pricing fortunes as the other limited editions in the US, expect to pay a heavy price premium on the unit. Limited edition pre-orders for the Final Fantasy DS sold for over $300.

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Japan Gets Special Edition Pokemon DS

Pokemon Special Edition DS

Yet another special edition DS Lite will be hitting Japan in conjunction with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on September 28th. The special package, including the black DS with dual Pokemon characters traced on the cover will include a copy of the game and will sell for 16800 Yen. As if the game itself wasn’t going to whip Pokemon fans in Japan into a frenzy, this limited edition console should have people lining up around the block.

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