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Increase iPod Space with Shrink My Tunes

Shrink My TunesIn this age of iTunes and illegal downloading

, it’s a cinch these days to completely fill up you MP3 player or cell phone with music. What to do? Consider the aptly-named Shrink My Tunes, containing technology developed by NASA scientists. The software compresses your MP3s, allowing you to fit up to four times more songs on your player. You will lose a minor amount of sound quality, but we think it’s a small price to pay for additional storage space. Shrink My Tunes is compatible with Windows, and a Mac version is down the pipeline. Available for $40 USD.

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The Pyramat Lap Blaster Laptop Sound Booster

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Pyramat Lap Blaster Laptop Sound Booster

If you’re looking to improve the sound system of your laptop we’ve got an interesting item for you. The elaborately named Pyramat Lap Blaster Laptop Sound Booster is a platform with two 4W full-range speakers that fits under your machine. For those of you who understand these things, the peak power is 30 watts, signal-to-noise ratio is 70dB, while the frequency response is 220-20,000 Hz. The speakers are powered by USB, and actually light up once plugged in. The Lap Blaster even includes an iPod dock – which requires four C batteries. While we think the illumination part is a bit much, the Lap Blaster sounds perfect for enhancing your gaming, music, and movies. Available for $130 USD.

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V-Moda Vibe Duos updated with call answer/hang-up button

V-Moda Vibe DuoWe recently reviewed the V-Moda Vibe Duo headset for the Apple’s iPhone and were quite impressed. Aside from a faulty pair of earbuds our biggest complaint was the lack of a button on the microphone to enable answering of calls and pausing of music. It sounds like V-Moda has listened and they just announced the 2nd generation Vibe Duo which will feature the same button as Apple’s stock iPhone earbuds. The 2nd generation Vibe Duos promise the same spectacular sound quality, luxurious cloth wrapped cables, and comfortable design.

It looks like the new version will drop at the same $99 price tag. If you have been considering a pair of these fabulous earbuds it might be worth it to wait a few weeks for the new ones to show up in stores.

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Doctors Use PMPs for Stethoscopes

iPodNext time you see your doctor sporting an iPod at work, do not think that she/he is slacking off. Neil Skjodt, of the University of Alberta, claims that even the most modern of stethoscopes do not have the purity or clarity of sound of MP3 players. He also mentioned that they have the added feature of being able to store recordings for future reference. While PMPs will surely not replace stethoscopes, we suspect that the technology will contribute to the future of medical care in finding such complications as heart murmurs.

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AudioHub Organizes Notebooks

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Logitech’s new AudioHub is a one-piece speaker system for your notebook that will also systematize your miscellaneous personal gadgets with a 3-port USB 2.1 hub. With its custom-tuned, 3-chamber design and subwoofer, it puts out 15 watts RMS. The AudioHub comes with a removable stand and works with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X or higher. A 2 ft. affixed and 4 ft. extension cable are included in its $99.00 price. Register on Logitech’s site if you want to get in on the musical action.


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