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The 16GB Google Nexus 7 is officially sold out

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Google, Handhelds,

Google Nexus 7 16GB

It looks like the Google Nexus 7 tablet has become a runaway success, catching even Google and Asus off-guard. In fact, Google has suspended sales of the 16GB Nexus 7 in its Google Play store due to the massive backorder. Oddly, the cheaper $199 8GB model was the one that the masses have snapped up. Instead, the $249 model has been flying off the virtual shelves. Orders that were placed through last week will arrive on schedule, and we suspect that as soon as stock is replenished, Google will get the 16GB Nexus 7 back on sale. If you really want one of the Jelly Bean-powered 16GB tablets, there are plenty on eBay.

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Google Nexus One officially sold out

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Cell Phones, Google, Handhelds,

Nexus One smartphone Sold Out

A few days ago, Google made it known that the Android smartphone would be reaching the end of life status in short order, but we didn’t think that meant a day or two later. However, as you can see from the image above, Google’s online store is fresh out of Nexus Ones, and they won’t be restocking any more of them. Many argue that the Nexus One was, and still is, the best Android smartphone on the market. It was available directly from Google as an unlocked device as well, and always had first crack at the newest Android release. Here’s hoping we see a Nexus Two of some sort in the future.

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Chew #2 Sells Out Before Release

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Collecting, Reviews, Image Comics,

Chew #2 CoverConsidering Image’s Chew #1 sold out in two days, it should have been no surprise to fans that its succeeding issue would sell out just as quickly. Turns out Chew #2 has sold out before it hits stores this Wednesday!

Instead of scratching your head and trying to figure out just how exactly this series became so popular, you ought to call up your comic book store and make sure they reserve a few copies of it for you (the first issue has sold up to $50 on eBay)!

You don’t have to fret so much if you haven’t read Chew #1, considering the second printing is set to release this Wednesday as well—just make sure you get a few copies of those, too.

If you really can’t wait four days, you can check out this review of Chew #1.

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Chew #1 Sells Out in Two Days

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Image Comics,

Chew #1 sells out first printing in 48 hours!After withholding some amazing news for over a week, Chew artist Rob Guillory was finally able to thank everyone on his Twitter page today. Turns out that the great news was that the first printing of Chew sold out in two days, despite what Image claimed was a “significant overprint.”

Writer John Layman retains his quirky humor when thanking his fans: “I’ve been insisting for years that the comic book industry has been clamoring for more books with double page spreads of non-costumed characters eating soup, and it’s gratifying to see there indeed is a robust market for such a book. Big thanks to everybody—retailers, readers and reviewers—who came out in such shocking numbers to check out something new and different, and more than a little bit weird.”

As reviewed last week, Chew is a very dark and humorous new take on the detective genre. John Layman and Rob Guillory tell us the tale of Detective Tony Chu, a man of the law who receives psychic impressions from eating (the term is “cibopathic”).

Due to the extinction of the first printing, Chew‘s second printing is scheduled for release on July 1st, the same day Chew #2 comes out.

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‘Hannah Montana’ Tour Outselling The Police, Springsteen

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Kids, Cable,

Hannah MontanaIt’s not uncommon for a movie to outperform its competition—so should we be surprised that the hottest concert tour this year is being headlined by a Disney Channel star?

The (a.k.a. ) tour is so successful, scalpers are already selling her concert tickets at five times the face value.  Seats for all 54 stops have already sold out—and in several cases, in near record fashion.  (It took only four minutes in the Atlanta-area and eight minutes in Memphis.)  According the Associated Press, her tour is outselling The Police, Bruce Springsteen and Justin Timberlake.

Okay, the Spice Girls did just sell out their London concert in only 38 seconds—but let’s remember:  Hannah/Miley’s only 14.

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Apple iSights Sold Out?

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Cameras, Peripherals,

iSightAccording to Robert Scoble, who had every intention of picking up a new iSight at a California Apple Store, apparently the peripheral is quite the popular gadget.

So, we went down to the Apple store and tried to buy an iSight. Turns out they are sold out. The salesperson said they can’t keep them in stock. A customer behind me was looking for one too and said that they are sold out everywhere.

This one is absolutely amazing to us, seeing as how just about every new Mac out there (save for the Mac Pro and Mac mini) comes with an embedded iSight. Of course, this could just mean that Apple is getting ready to refresh the iSight line - after all, it’s long overdue and could use an overhaul. At the very least, Apple needs to get the things to comply with EU standards.

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Early Bird Tickets Sell Out!

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Exactly two weeks to the day they went on sale, Early Bird tickets for Seattle Mind Camp 3.0 have sold out, which also means that we have sold out half of the spots for the event. The standard attendee tickets are now on sale, and once those are gone, the event will be a complete sell-out. Seattle Mind Camp 3.0 kicks off exactly two months from now, but with the first half of tickets being snapped up in just two weeks, don’t wait too long to purchase yours if you want to be there! 😊

Sponsors: We are still looking for you. If you want to help make Seattle Mind Camp 3.0 happen, please contact us.