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Leonard Nimoy: Diagnosis Felt Unfair

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Television, Features,

Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy felt it was "unfair" when he was diagnosed with chronic lung disease.

The 82-year-old actor recently revealed he has developed obstructive pulmonary disease, despite quitting smoking 30 years ago, and he admits he has learned a "lesson" about his former deadly habit.

Discussing his diagnosis last May, he said, "I thought, 'This is unfair. I quit a long time ago. Why is this happening to me?' But it's a lesson that I had to learn. I damaged the lung cells many years ago and then as age begins the damage of lung cells as well you begin to feel it. So, it's something that can stick up on you later."

The Star Trek star has to carry a special machine around with him to help when he struggles to breathe. "This is an oxygenator. I don't carry a tank of oxygen. This machine gives me oxygen by it extracts oxygen out of the atmosphere and I get it up my nose when I need it. I'm still using it sporadically but a couple of years ago I didn't need it at all. Now, there are days when I needed it several times a day. I get short of a breath and suddenly feel like I can't get a full breath, I can't catch my breath. So, I have to go to the machine," he said, speaking on Piers Morgan Live.

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VIDEO: Zach Galifianakis Smokes Joint During HBO Panel

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Talk Shows, Cable, HBO, Video,

UPDATE: Maher's rep claims the "joint" wasn't real.

Zach Galifianakis may not be a Mel Gibson supporter, but there is one thing he is in favor of: the legalization of marijuana.

During the recent broadcast of , the Hangover star surprised his fellow roundtable guests when he pulled out a special prop for the discussion on Proposition 19.

Just in case you were wondering if Zach was simply blowing smoke, conservative commentary Margaret Hoover (the woman seen laughing) verified he wasn’t.

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VIDEO: Three Seasons of Mad Men Smoking

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Drama, Prime Time, Cable, Video,

NOTE: This post is


an attempt to encourage anyone to smoke. So just relax and make yourself a drink.

As we previously learned from Don Draper’s Guide to Picking Up Women, there are key things you should know how to do if you want to “have affairs with many women.” “Smoke constantly” is one of these lessons.

Smoking is, of course, a (nasty) vice that looks entirely different when done by a handsome character like Don Draper. Therefore, it couldn’t hurt to copy some of his techniques. Maybe this clip featuring all of the cigarettes ever smoked during the previous seasons of can help you get started.

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VIDEO: Old Marilyn Monroe Footage Sparks New Scandal

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Movies, Videos, Rumors,

An unknown home-cameraman has decided to share a fifty-year old video of someone who very much appears to be late actress . In the short film, she takes a few hits off what very much appears to be a joint (you know, marijuana). The video purports to have been shot in 1958 or 59.

Keya Morgan, a New York area collector, has purchased the film (for the bargain price of $275K). He’ll be selling it on eBay this week. The story first broke in the Huffington Post.

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Smoking Interrupts Britney Spears’ Vancouver Concert

Who knew a smoker would have issues with smoking?

Attendees of Britney Spears’ concert in Vancouver, BC were rudely surprised last night when the singer left the stage dark for approximately 30 minutes. The interruption occurred only three songs into the headliner’s set.

According to the Vancouver Sun, concertgoers were left confused as to why the performance had stopped. After a mixture of chanting and boos, a voice on the loudspeaker said smoking in GM Place was to blame.

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Simon Cowell’s Got Talent

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Television,

Simon Cowell smoking

Who knew was so good at multi-tasking?

During his winter vacation in Barbados, the producer proved he’s quite talented himself. I’ve heard of smoking and driving…but smoking and jet skiing?

I think that move alone could possibly bring David Hasselhoff to tears.

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Ionic Smokeless Ashtray

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech,

Ionic Smokeless AshtrayIf you are a smoker and those around you keep complaining, grab one of these Ionic Smokeless Ashtrays. It has claims that it will purify the air and eliminate odors and secondhand smoke. The device breaks the smoke down into tiny negatively charged particles and then dispenses with them in the dome. The ISA comes with a glass ashtray, has an on/off button, and needs 4AA batteries (not included.) At a size of 71/2 x 5 3/4 x 3 3/4-inches and with a price of $29.95, it is made of ABS plastic and, as any smoker knows, that is not the best material to have if you are sloppier than most.

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Ruyan America Vegas Freestyle E-Cigar

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

E-CigarWe cannot believe that there is yet another e-gadget for those with a nicotine habit. Ruyan America’s Vegas Freestyle E-cigar is 5.6-inches long with a 50 ring size. It dispenses “1800 mouthfuls of vapor,” the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes. The Vegas comes fully charged with a 16mg cartridge. Like their E-cigarette, there is no smoke and can be used in places where the habit is taboo. The E-cigar is available at Sunridge Distribution for $45.00 or $200.00 for a 5-pack, in case you want to share the experience.

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Electronic Cigarette

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Science,

Electronic CigaretteNot too long ago we showed you an electronic cigarette that was both expensive and unavailable. How about the less expensive version that includes 10 low, medium and high refills? It says that there is no tar or any other substance inside so we assume that it is veggie based. About the same size as the real thing, the ciggy lights up at the end with a red LED and lasts up to 8 hours on a 2 to 3 hour charge. If you don’t think you will look or feel too foolish, you can give the device a try for $42.00.

(Thanks, Fanny)

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Winehouse Still Smoking Despite Hospitalization

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Music, Drugs,

Amy WinehouseAlthough Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch, mistakenly claimed his daughter had emphysema, the singer is not exactly out of the woods.

In an attempt to clear up the erroneous report, reps clarified the 24-year-old’s health status. While Amy hasn’t yet been diagnosed with the irreversible lung disease, she does have “scarring of the lungs which could lead to emphysema.” According to spin doctor Chris Goodman, “If she keeps doing the wrong things, then it could lead to it. If she does the right things, it won’t.”

Unfortunately, no amount of scarring could overcome Amy’s strong penchant for inhaling. During a brief release from the hospital yesterday (she’s been there since fainting last Monday), Winehouse was snapped by the paparazzi…with a cigarette in her mouth. Maybe she was just saying one last goodbye to the cigs? Maybe?

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