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Idris Elba Promises ‘Huge’ Thor Sequel

Idris ElbaIdris Elba has vowed Thor 2 will be "huge."

The British actor is set to reprise his role as Asgardian gatekeeper, Heimdall in the sequel - which will again see Chris Hemsworth portray the title character - and though he says it will be an epic adventure, he also revealed the story will examine the characters in detail.

"Definitely Heimdall's more involved, but also, what's more involved is who the Asgardians are. I think we'll see a sense of that. It's a huge film, Thor 2, but I also think it's micro in a way that you start to look at people, who they are a little bit more," he said.

Though production on the sequel - which is expected to explore the other realms of the universe, outside of Asgard and Earth - has not yet begun, Idris can't wait to get to work on the movie: "I'm actually excited about it. I literally just did a costume fitting the other day."

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Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker Land Glee Roles

Kate HudsonKate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker are to appear in Glee.

The actresses will both appear in the forthcoming fourth season of the TV musical drama series, though details of their roles are being kept under wraps. However, broadcaster Fox have confirmed the former Sex and the City star will appear in at least one episode, while Kate's storyline arc will last for six episodes.

The network also vowed the show - which experienced a drop in ratings during the current season, which ends on May 22 - is "poised for a creative renaissance" when it returns in a new Thursday night slot later in the year. Fox's entertainment president Kevin Reilly explained the program will become a "show within a show" following some of the McKinley High graduates as they attend a New York performing arts school, as well as introducing "some new faces" at the main Ohio educational establishment.

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iCloud set to pick up photo sharing, videos in Photo Stream alongside iOS 6

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iOS 6 icloud features

With the 2012 Wordwide Developers Conference so new reports of what Apple is set to reveal to the world are beginning to appear. Today, we get word from The Wall Street Journal that Apple is set to reveal a bunch of new iCloud features alongside iOS 6.

According to WSJ sources, Apple will be revealing a new photo sharing service for iCloud users, which will allow you to share individual pictures, or entire galleries, with other users of the service. Separate from Photo Stream, the sharing service will also allow your friends to comment on your images as well. Speaking of Photo Stream, another forthcoming change will see the inclusion of videos in the service, allowing you to access video shot on your iOS devices in your Photo Stream as well.

Additionally, iCloud.com will begin syncing data from the Reminders and Notes iOS and Mountain Lion apps, making this information available in the browser. We'll bring you all the news from WWDC 2012 as it happens.

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Stars Pay Tribute to Vidal Sassoon

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Vidal SassoonMiley Cyrus is among the stars to have paid tribute to Vidal Sassoon.

The celebrity hairstylist - whose 1960s wash-and-wear cuts allowed women to be freed from hairspray - passed away at his home in Los Angeles Wednesday morning aged 84, and a number of famous faces and fellow stylists have hailed his revolutionary ways.

"RIP Vidal Sassoon. You are forever fabulous," Miley wrote on her Twitter.

Model Erin O'Connor hailed Vidal as an "inspiration" in her tribute. "RIP Vidal Sassoon. Inspired so many, myself included," she wrote.

Meanwhile, celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke praised Vidal for his "drive of modernism" and overhaul of women's hairstyling. "He was part of that drive of modernism. He was very, very interested in modernism of all sorts...he just introduced all of that into hair. And at the same time he probably freed women of that weekly ritual of having their hair backcombed and being under a dryer. It depicted a whole new look of that time," he said on Daybreak.

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Chris Hemsworth Becomes a Dad

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Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa PatakyChris Hemsworth has become a father for the first time.

The Avengers actor's wife Elsa Pataky gave birth to a little girl in London on Friday and, according to US Weekly, the couple have named the tot India. No further information has been released.

The couple - who married in December 2010 - announced the happy news earlier this year and Spanish actress Elsa said they were thrilled about their impending arrival: "Having the person that you love by your side and starting a family with them is the best thing that can happen to you in this life. You can't ask for more. I want to have a big family, and so does Chris. My dream is to have more than one child."

Elsa also said she plans to speak to the tot in her native tongue and joked Australian Chris would need to start brushing up on his Spanish. "I'm only going to speak to the baby in Spanish. I already told my husband, 'Get ready fast with Spanish because, if not, you're not going to be able to understand what we say."

Box Office Breakdown: The Avengers Smashes Competition… Again

The Avengers

It seems like packing a film chock-full of A-listers is worth the money spent on them.

The Avengers -- unsurprisingly -- took number one at the box office this weekend, beating Avatar's record for best second weekend with $103.2 million. The latest Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaboration, Dark Shadows, opened at number two with $28.8 million while Think Like a Man dropped one spot to number three with $6.3 million. The Hunger Games was bumped down one spot to number four with $4.4 million while The Lucky One stayed put at number five with $4 million.

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Weekend Reading: The Avengers, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dave Berg

The Avengers MovieNow, how many times have you already seen The Avengers? Doesn't it just kick movie butt? And what movie do you think we'll be talking about all summer? Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises?

Avengers Assemble...in line! Former Malibu Comics publisher and co-founder Dave Olbrich (now a manager at Space Goat Productions) and for Malibu Comics Editor-In-Chief Chris Ulm (now the head guy at Appy Entertainment), show up at the :20 mark in this report from AMC theaters in southern California.

Longbox Graveyard goes Marathoning and Assembling for Avengers and other Marvel-based movies. “Five of my favorite superhero movies, in a day-long sitting, followed by a midnight debut of The Avengers! Seventeen hours in a movie theater, ninety minutes in the car each way getting there, a day off work to do it and another day off to recover. Great for a twelve-year-old, not-so-great if you’re half a century old. So I found a couple twelve-year-olds and went anyway.”

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Freddie Mercury to Appear on Stage as an ‘Optical Illusion’

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Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury is to appear on stage as an "optical illusion."

The late Queen front man - who passed away in 1991 - will seem to perform for an audience at musical We Will Rock You, which is based on the band's music, to mark the tenth anniversary of the show in London.

Queen guitarist Brian May told BBC news the new "effect" was "an optical illusion of sorts." He added, "People will come out saying, 'did we actually see Freddie?'" However, Brian said the effect used will be different to the hologram technology which made late rapper Tupac Shakur appear on stage and perform at Coachella festival in California last month.

"It's a little unfortunate they did that thing with Tupac as we've been trying to make Freddie appear on the stage for quite a while The hologram technique is something we've looked at ourselves but I think probably for a show that runs eight shows a week it's not really practical."

The special edition show of We Will Rock You will take place on May 14 at London's Dominion Theatre. Queen have previously made live appearances where Freddie appears to sing the band's hit "Bohemian Rhapsody" using a backing track and video footage of him singing the song.

Ryan Seacrest is Considering Marriage

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Ryan Seacrest and Julianne HoughRyan Seacrest and Julianne Hough are considering getting married.

The American Idol host and the Rock of Ages beauty have been dating for two years and now the 37-year-old presenter has admitted the couple have been discussing taking their relationship to the next level: "It's something we talk about," he said.

When asked if he would consider it in the near future, he added, "We talk about that, too!"

Ryan admitted the pair enjoyed celebrating their recent two-year anniversary as they took the time to reminisce over the period: "[On our anniversary] night we talked about the things that we'd done that year. I think I did everything right!"

Though he produces fly-on-the-wall reality shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spin-offs - including the wedding of Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries last year - Ryan insists he wouldn't want to televise his own nuptials.

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John Travolta’s Accuser Dropped by Lawyer

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John TravoltaThe first masseur who accused John Travolta of sexual assault has reportedly been dropped by his lawyer.

The accuser - known only as John Doe # 1 - filed a $2 million dollar lawsuit against the Pulp Fiction actor claiming he made unwanted sexual advances towards him in Los Angeles on January 16, but after the masseur admitted earlier today that he got the date of the alleged attack wrong he is no longer being represented by Los Angeles attorney Okorie Okorocha.

"Okorocha did not feel he could represent John Doe #1 going forward anymore and recommend him finding another lawyer," a source told RadarOnline.com.

But Okorocha will continue to represent a second masseur - who is known only as John Doe #2 - who has also made sexual assault claims against the star, although John's attorney Marty Singer has vehemently denied both allegations.

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