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COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL: Joe Kubert and Sergio Aragones

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Platinum Editions was a joint venture between Ervin Rustemagic’s Strip Art Features (S.A.F.) and Malibu Comics. The idea was that since Ervin’s client roster of fantastically-talented big name artists was already creating graphic albums for distribution in multiple European countries, why not publish a US edition as well. Why not, indeed.

Malibu agreed to pay for a black plate change during the press run and produce a version of each book with English dialogue (and lettering), and distribute the books under a new imprint. Ervin originally wanted to call the imprint “Exit” because he had a theory that the sheer number of “Exit” signs on the freeways, interstates and highways across the U.S. amounted to a ton of free advertising. But Platinum Editions won the name game.

Once printed in Europe, the books would then ship to the US. It gave Malibu – in 1991 – access to some creators it normally would not have gotten to work with, including Joe Kubert (who would later illustrate Rustemagic’s Fax From Sarajevo) and Sergio Aragones. Kubert’s book was Abraham Stone, and Sergio did two books, Buzz & Bell: Space Cadets and Smokehouse Five.


Sonos announces the Sonos Controller 200 CR200 touchscreen remote

Sonos Controller 200 CR200

We’ve been waiting on this for a long, long time, and we are happy to share the news that Sonos has officially announced the Sonos Controller 200 CR200 remote. Why is this news to be excited about? Well, if you’re a Sonos owner (or a potential owner,) this means that you get a touchscreen Sonos remote, rather than the old-school click wheel version of the remote. Like the rest of the Sonos gear, this will work anywhere in the home, is meant to be a shared device that can be left in a common area, is more intuitive, turns on instantly when picked up, and has a nice capacitive VGA touchscreen. It even has a replaceable battery. The only thing that the old remote has that this new one doesn’t is that the new one isn’t water-resistant and splash proof. The Sonos CR200 goes on sale tomorrow, and will sell for $349, $50 less than the older model. Even better, the Sonos Controller 100 will be heavily discounted until they are sold out, so if you do want a splash-proof Sonos Controller that you can take to the hot tub, now’s your chance.

We’ve played with the new remote (video coming shortly!) and we can very easily recommend it - it makes finding music from the vast number of libraries and services that Sonos can connect to a breeze, because when you have that much music, a clickwheel just won’t measure up. Be sure to check out our Sonos Controller 200 gallery for a bunch of images of the new remote.

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Gallery: Sonos announces the Sonos Controller 200 CR200 touchscreen remote


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Welcome home! Comic Con International 2009 is over and most of you are back home, sorting through your many treasures and trying to remember who that is in the picture you took. I have no memories of 2009 because I didn’t make it this year, even though I’m just a few hours away. But to celebrate in the coming week, I’m going to post a few pictures from my convention archives, pre-digital era. And yes, there will be some scanning involved.

First up are two photos from CCI back when it was called the San Diego Comic Con and back when the year was 1993. The girl in the top photo getting a surprise breast inspection is Lita Ford, once part of an all-girl group called The Runaways (with Joan Jett) and then a very popular and attractive solo act – managed by Ozzie Osbourne’s wife, Sharon Osbourne. Also, having met Lita, pretty darned cool, too.


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Do you remember that time in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker and Han Solo dropped by Harry Potter’s house to see if he wanted to help them defeat Darth Vader and destroy the Death Star? Of course not, because it didn’t happen, except perhaps in Star Wars-Harry Potter Fan Fiction.

That’s what I felt like, though, when I was reading an old copy of Walt Disney Comics Digest (#23, July 1970) I found at a library book sale. I’m flipping through this old digest-sized comic book of classic Disney comics and there between the “Brer Rabbit” story and the “Super Goof” adventure was a tale called “The Magic Brew,” starring Donald Duck’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Identical triplets, the three nephews were created by Ted Osborne and official Disney Legend Al Taliaferro. HDL first appeared in a comic strip on October 17, 1937. Their first animated appearance was in the cartoon “Donald’s Nephews,” released on April 15, 1938. You can get all that info and more at the Wikipedia.

So far so good, but the actual plot of “The Magic Brew” is what really threw me.

Video: Xbox 360 August 2009 Dashboard Update Hands-on

We know a lot of you have been excited about the August 11th Xbox 360 Dashboard Update, so we figured that while we were waiting for the transcodes to finish for Bleeding Edge TV, we’d also throw our walkthrough of the update onto our YouTube account as well. Go ahead and give it a look, as we bring you 35 minutes of Dashboard goodness. The “real” episode should be out later this evening, if not by the end of the weekend.

Let us know if we missed anything that you’d like us to cover in the comments.

WEEKEND READING: SpongeBob, Wally Wood, Philip K. Dick, Star Wars and Harry Potter!

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Gather ‘round, internet pals. There’s a lot of great stuff all over the internets this week and not all of it has to do with Comic Con International. For example, there’s George Orwell, Philip K. Dick, Joe Murray and Wally Wood, Doug Mahnke and a whole lot more out there. Let’s roll some of it out:

DOUG MAHNKE: You might know Doug Mahnke as the original artist on The Mask with writer John Arcudi. Maybe you know him from Major Bummer or Stormwatch, or even the new Green Lantern series with Geoff Johns. But Tom Richmond knows Doug as one of the inventors of live airbrushed caricatures, and he tells all over at The Mad Blog.

RED ROBIN: Todd Klein is not only a great letterer and logo designer, he’s also a blogger. Over at his blog, Klein Letters, he breaks down the step-by-step process he used to design the logo for DC’s new Red Robin comic book.

WALT DISNEY: With Disney’s new The Princess And The Frog animated film due later this year, expect all kinds of blogposts about the Disney empire. Here’s a good one: Over at Bookforum, writer Hannah Frank revels in the ubiquity of the Disney brand by looking at five Walt-themed books that are not the usual “Disney is God” hagiography. One of the books even has Walt’s HUAC testimony where he outs one of his employees as a communist. Fascinating!
(h/t Galleycat)

Hands-on with the August 11 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

Xbox Avatar Accessories

This morning, hooked us up with an early preview of the next Dashboard Update. We were able to get a look at the new features (which no longer require a PC,) the Avatar Marketplace, Game Ratings, Games on Demand, and more. While more coveted features like Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm, and Zune Marketplace won’t be landing until the fall, the update is still a solid one. Here are our thoughts on the next update, which lands on your Xbox 360 on August 11 (or sooner if you apply for early access!)

Gallery: Hands-on with the August 11 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

DC Comics Review: Green Lantern #44

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Rating: ***

Blackest Night continues in this week’s issue of Green Lantern #44.  I liked this issue.  It wasn’t as good as last week’s first issue of the Blackest Night mini-series, but it was still a good read.  Geoff Johns is also the writer here as he continues his run on the main Green Lantern title.  Doug Mahnke who many know from his work on Batman, provides the artwork here and does a great job.  Some very cool splash pages.  I think his work is better here than it was over in Batman.

The story picks up from Blackest Night #1 as we saw the Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onnzz is now a Black Lantern and he confronts Hal Jordan and Barry Allen.  In a very cool scene we see when the black ring found the body of the Martian Manhunter as the Oreo cookie that Batman left on his coffin falls to the ground and crumbles as he bursts out of the coffin and flies off.  J’onn keeps talking about how both Barry and Hal should be dead.  I wonder if their resurrections have anything to do with the prophecy behind the rise of the Black Lanterns and the war that will take place among the various colored lanterns. 

Marvel Comics Review: Amazing Spider-man #600

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Rating: ****

After last week’s excellent Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36, I decided it was time to get back into Spider-Man.  For all of us fanboys who rant and rave about never collecting a title again because of something that is done to our favorite comic book character, I think very few of us are ever able to hold onto that promise.  Let’s face it, if it’s a good story and great artwork, we always come back and I’m sure that’s why Marvel had no problem making the “Brand New Day” decision a few years back because they knew we always come back. 

This issue of Amazing Spider-Man is of course a huge milestone as it’s the 600th issue of the title.  I know that the original title was canceled and this is part of the renumbering that was done a few years ago, but still it’s amazing (no pun intended) to see that Spider-Man continues to wow us after so many issues of Amazing and various other Spidey titles.

This issue marks the wedding of Peter Parker’s Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson Sr.  The issue opens up with long-time Spider-villain Doctor Octopus talking with a doctor about all of the blunt force trauma he’s suffered over the years in fighting Spider-Man and various other heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe.  The prognosis?  He’s got about a year or so left to live.  With this news, Doc Ock decides that he must do something worthwhile before he dies.  Doc Ock decides to use his “brilliant” mind to benefit mankind.  He will use the technology that he has to enable him to control the city of NY.  He wants to make the trains run on time like Mussolini.  Gee thanks, Ock!

Samsung S9110 touchscreen watchphone

Samsung S9110 Watch

Here’s a look at the world’s thinnest touchscreen cellphone, the S9110, which also happens to be the second watchphone produced by a major player.  The first is the GD910 announced at last January. 

The S9110 is supposed to be the “world’s thinnest” at 11.98 mm thick, and it sports a 176x220 1.76-inch touchscreen glass display, Bluetooth 2.1 integration, Voice Recognition, e-mail with Outlook sync, music player, and speakerphone. The watch has 40MB of internal memory.

All this can be yours for about 450 Euro ($638 USD).  It is planned for a release in France later this month.

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