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Modern Fossils Sculptures

Posted by Jenny Lewis Categories: Accessories, Design, Misc. Tech,

Modern Fossils

I like to think that in the future, the people of that time will come across relics from the 21st century and laugh at how hard our lives were. I can’t imagine what technological strides will have been made by then, but thanks to Christopher Locke we can have an idea of what kind of antiquities they’ll theoretically be finding. Locke’s Modern Fossils sculpture series renders our current (and some previous) technologies in a proprietary concrete mixture, giving them the look of actual fossils. Most of the pieces are for sale and range in price from $45 to $185.


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Spore Sculptor Makes Creatures 3D

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Electronic Arts, Simulation,

Spore SculptureIt’s not just your head that can become 3D. Now your Spore creatures can come alive (almost) with Spore Sculptor. You simply upload your image and they will make you a critter in its original color for $49.00. It’s best to have one that has two or more legs, and if the features or structures are too thin, chances are they will not work. The Spores are made to scale, so the larger the beast the larger the sculpture.

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Time Magazine’s Cover Feature on Halo 3 Draws Fire

Time Magazine Cover With Halo 3Time Magazine has on their cover this week but the feature inside the magazine, written by Lev Grossman, has raised the hackles on the necks of several game writers. Dan Zuccarelli from Bits, Bytes, Pixels and Sprites takes Grossman to task for what he feels is an ill-researched piece. It’s not hard to see where Zuccarelli is coming from. In the third paragraph the Time article calls an exclusive and the inset graphic (reprinted on BBPS) shows a fan mod Xbox 360 featuring Halo 3 artwork rather than the actual Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360, not to mention mis-labeling the Heroclix Scarab as merely a “sculpture.”

What really has some people frothing though is Grossman’s obvious bias against gamers that seeps from nearly every paragraph as he repeatedly refers to them as antisocial, unhealthy, unpopular and even twice refers to gamers as residing in a ghetto. It’s not clear whether he refers to a literal ghetto or if he’s being metaphorical, but either way it doesn’t seem particularly balanced or neutral in tone.

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Bring Your Mii into the Real World with MiiSculptures

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Internet, Toys, Video Games,

Mii Bill Gates

One of the many things we love about our Wii are the Miis, the imaginary characters you create yourself and use to play Wii games with. The Miis are even the focus of Nintendo’s current ad campaign for the Wii. It’s a fact that people get very attached to their Miis, and if you’re one of them, we have a website for you: MiiSculptures.com. That’s right, just provide a photo of your Mii, and the artists at MiiSculptures will create an actual sculpture (that’s Bill Gates above). Strangely, we can’t find pricing on their website, so we suggest you contact them before ordering. However, they do offer free international shipping. You’ll receive your new friend 3-4 weeks after your order is placed.

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