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Students being pulled out of Chinese classrooms to build iPhone 5?

Posted by Jason Diaz Categories: Apple, Corporate News, Rumors

Foxconn Student workers

We at Gear Live have been hearing early morning reports from Shanghai Daily that hardware manufacturer, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., AKA Foxconn, has been allegedly pulling Chinese students from classrooms in preparation to build Apple's iPhone 5. The social network, Sina Weibo, has been filling up with claims that at least 200 students from the Huaiyen Institute of Technology were being escorted to Foxconn factories under the guise of being enrolled in a "school to work program" or "Internship." The students will allegedly be paid $224 per month to work 12 hour shifts, six days a week. Now, possibly as a result of public scrutiny,  Shanghai Daily is reporting that students are being brought back to classrooms and instead are  being offered to volunteer for the so-called school to work program.

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Former HP CEO Mark Hurd fighting to keep accuser letter sealed

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Corporate News

Mark Hurd accuser letter

If you're looking to get your hands on the juicy details that prompted the eventual resignation of ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd, keep waiting. A Delaware judge ordered late Thursday night for the key letter from Jodie Fisher to Hurd to be unsealed—which would give HP ten days to release a public version of the letter in which Fisher first accused Hurd of sexual harassment.

Although Delaware Chancery Court Judge Donald Parsons Jr. ruled that Hurd's lawyers had not shown good cause as to why the letter should remain sealed, Hurd's legal team is nevertheless appealing the decision to release the letter's contents to the public. And even if the letter is eventually released, don't expect to see the entire contents—parts of the message, sent on behalf of Fisher by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, in June of 2009—will remain sealed.

"In summary, I find that the Allred Letter and its contents have social value, the Letter would not cause an intrusion into Hurd's private affairs disproportionate to its social value, and Hurd's accession to public notoriety by the time he left HP, if he was not already in the public's eye, bears a direct relationship with the Letter's contents and the events that reportedly gave rise to his departure," writes Parsons in his decision, released Thursday.

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Kwame’s Last LOL?

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cell Phones, Editorial

Kwame Kilpatric

If you live in the environs of Detroit, Michigan, then you already know that we are in the midst of political controversy. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick had a more than business relationship with his now former chief of staff Christine Beatty. We wouldn’t presume to know or care what the politician does with his personal life as he is always up to some shenanigans, but one of the things mentioned during the uncovering of the scandal was text messages between the two. Apparently there were over 40,000 of them recovered.

We guess we assume that everyone text messages, so we found it somewhat amusing when they showed some of them and had interpreted them with differing versions of “LOL.” Local news anchors either literally said “L - O - L” or “hehehe.” Go figure.

While there is more to the story (including a public apology tonight after getting caught) that you can read if you are curious or simply want a giggle, we wondered about two things. Can a cell phone hold that many messages at a time? And even weirder, if you were supposedly in charge of an entire city, married, and having an affair, would you keep those messages around for just anybody to read? Hmmm. Like we said, we just wondered. Blogs are great for initiating discussions about topics like that.