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Charlie Brown For Sale!

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Charlie Brown ChristmasI know there are people out there who’d kill to have the image of Jesus appear to them on a potato chip. And there are those who get a thrill out of bumping into a celebrity - even a D-List one - at the local Costco. There’s also a group of people who’d love to live in a house that was once owned by a famous person.

As in: “I love this person so much that I want to live in his house after he’s dead.” It’s an odd fetish to have and thank goodness it’s not mine.

But if you love Charlie Brown, Peanuts and Snoopy and the Fantagraphics reprints can’t satisfy your love, there’s something that might. The Santa Rosa house on Montecito Avenue that creator Charles Schulz lived in back in the 1970s is up for sale. The two-story, 14-room house, originally built in 1949, has two master bedrooms (make of that what you will), five full baths and a powder room. There’s also a swimming pool, a cabana, a 1000 square-foot guest house (with two bedrooms and a full kitchen), and a chapel on the gated property.

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Apple Set To Update iMac Line In August?

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Santa Rosa iMac

It’s been almost three years since the iMac has enjoyed a redesign, when it went from the old-school lamp stand look to the current “monitor with chin” enclosure. Well, the rumor mill is churning again, this time with speculation that will be updating the with another new look by August. The expectation is that the design will feature a 2-inch thick aluminum enclosure, which would make it look similar to the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. Furthermore, it is believed that the 17-inch iMac will go the way of the dodo, as Apple looks to release the newer model in 20- and 24-inch sizes only. Lastly, it would only make sense that these models get a bit more horsepower under the hood as well - that should come by way of Santa Rosa processors at speeds up to 2.4 GHz, as well as 1.3 megapixel iSight cameras. We know, August can’t come fast enough.

Intel Launches Santa Rosa Chipset, Centrino Duo Is Here

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Intel Santa RosaIf you aren’t up on your PC processor release news, you may be interested in knowing that Intel has finally debuted it’s Santa Rosa chipset, which aims to lead mobile computing into the future. Aside from a better graphics chip that boasts DirectX 10 abilities, you can expect draft 802.11n Wifi support as well as front-side bus speeds of 800 MHz, up from 667 MHz. Now, don’t go looking for Santa Rosa stickers on laptops, because you won’t find them. Instead, just about all new laptops will be sporting a Centrino Duo or Centrino Pro label. Check the PCMag article linked below for the full scoop.

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