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MindMentor Solves Problems Virtually

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet, Science,

RoboCoachNext time you have a problem and your mom isn’t available, consider the services of MindMentor. The site walks you through a series of steps to help you psychoanalyze yourself. First, it asks what your problem is, then shows you pictures to figure out what you are thinking and feeling. The virtual dude asks you about specific situations and responds with such questions as “What do you say to yourself?”

Once your problem has been defined, your RoboCoach looks for counterexamples and has you analyze those feelings as well, then checks for negative side effects. Finally, you go through some mental RoboRorschach. A session will cost you EU 4.95 (~$7.60) for a session or EU 40 (~$62.00) for ten of them. Let us know your problem and we will do it for half the price.

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