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Tellme Beta Review: Voice-Driven Local Search

TellmeWe have been trying out Tellme for a few weeks now, and thought it would be appropriate at this point to let you guys know about the service and what we think of it. If you haven’t heard of Tellme, it’s an application that you install on your mobile phone that aims to allow natural voice-riven mobile search. How does it work? Hit the jump for our full review.


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WarioWare Smooth Moves: Yep, It’s Pretty Darn Fun

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Action, Nintendo, Reviews, Wii

DescriptionThose major, corporate-sponsored gaming news sites out there have posted their reviews of the highly-anticipated WarioWare: Smooth Moves for the Wii. The overall impression? Heckuva fun… with some reservations. IGN.com notes the similarity (in release date at least) to the WarioWare: Touched game for the DS. Both games are meant to introduce gamers to a new way of controlling a system, and in that respect, IGN gives Smooth Moves the upper hand - overall they found the design of the game to be much tighter, with a better-thought-out game progression and a much wider variety of tasks. 1up.com posted similar impressions, noting that controller issues may pop up for the novice gamer especially in those challenges where the Wiimote has to be pointed at the screen and be able to “see” the IR bar. Finally, Gamespot.com gives Smooth Moves the superb score of 9.1, giving the game lots of nostalgia points for its incorporation of minigames that resemble Nintendo classics, from the NES through Gamecube. Regardless of the scores though (8.2, 8.0, and 9.0, respectively), all the sites agree that WarioWare has a severely high fun quotient, and is likely to become one of the best games for introducing folks to the control possibilities of the Wii.

We’ll be getting our hands on this game shortly, picking up our pre-order first thing tomorrow when it ships. We’ll have our own impressions posted soon after - personally, I can’t wait to watch my non-gaming friends try out this one.

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Samsung YP-K5 Review

Samsung YP-K5

We recently got our hands on the Samsung YP-K5 digital audio player, one of the few MP3 players that has a built-in speaker. The K5 also has an FM tuner, a 1.7-inch color OLED screen, touch-sensitive controls, and 2GB or 4GB of embedded flash memory. Tack on the promise of fantastic battery life, and this one should be a keeper, right? We have provided you with a Samsung K5 unboxing gallery, and also give you our thoughts in our full review, after the break.

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Bleeding Edge 064: Pinnacle Mobile Media Organizer Review

Jake Ludington and Sparky take a close look at Pinnacle Mobile Media Organizer in this episode. The software aims to make your life super simple as it pertains to getting your video content onto your PSP and iPod, as well as managing that content.

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The Latest From FilmCrunch: The Departed, The Lake House, and Little Mermaid Platinum Edition

So, we introduced you to our new movie review site, FilmCrunch, earlier this morning. We figured we would give you a taste of the show here on Gear Live as well, just so you can see how they roll over there. In the latest episode, Neil Estep and Veronica Santiago review movies like The Departed, The Lake House, and the Platinum DVD release of The Little Mermaid. Check out the video, and let us know what you think.

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Tom Bihn ID Bag Review

Tom Bihn ID ReviewTom Bihn recently released an update to their mid-sized messenger bag, the ID. The updated ID has several notable improvements and makes for a great everyday bag for anyone with lots of stuff to cart around. Gear Live took it for a spin and compares it to the Imago which we recently reviewed. Click through for the full review.

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Xbox 360 Video Marketplace Reviewed

Xbox Video Marketplace

This one is from our friends over at Krunker, who decided to go through the horrific pain and agony (in our opinion) of downloading the huge video files available on the Xbox 360 Video Marketplace onto the miniscule Xbox 360 hard drive. They report back with their full review of the service, which they see as one of the beginnings of an Xbox 360 - Zune relationship:

The new Xbox Video Marketplace is a small step in the right direction for the Xbox 360. The initial release is underwhelming and some of the restrictions annoying, but the service introduction clearly lays out the infrastructure and ground work for a bigger service down the road - one that will most likely bridge us to the Zune as well.

A small step in the right direction - we agree there - but come on Microsoft. You guys created Windows Media Video, and it streams incredibly well on PCs. Why can’t you use the same technology on the Xbox 360? Don’t you think users would much rather have instant-on access to these shows and movies rather than having to wait hours for a download to complete? Contemplate that, please, and get back to us. Thanks.

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Verizon V640 EVDO ExpressCard Review: MacBook Pro

Verizon V640 ExpressCard

For anyone that has picked up a MacBook Pro, or any other laptop computer that has replaced the PCMCIA card with the newer ExpressCard format, you will be happy to hear that a couple of options have become available for getting on the Internet while on the go. New ExpressCards from both Dell and Verizon have surfaced, giving anyone with an ExpressCard slot the ability to resume their mobile tech lifestyle. We got one of the new Verizon V640 ExpressCards and have set it up and tested it, and we are here to report back with our results. Check out the full review of the WWAN V640 after the jump.

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First Wii Reviews Trickle In - Overall “Good” to “Impressive”

IGN Ratings
Today some of the bigger gaming sites out there finally sat down with pencil and paper (or keyboard and mouse I guess), and started drafting out their reviews for the first batch of Wii games. Their overall thoughts? IGN has taken a look at three titles so far—the pack-in Wii Sports, Trauma Center, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz—and their reviews range from “Good” for Wii Sports (7.5) to “Impressive” for Trauma Center and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (8.0 and 8.4, respectively).

In general, most of the reviews would play out like you would expect - generally somewhat lackluster / simple graphics, but cool/interesting control schemes that work flawlessly in most cases. IGN noted some control issues with the packed-in Wii Sports, stating that some of the sports seemed somewhat half-baked, but the other 2 titles faired very well in the control department. IGN even went so far with Monkey Ball as to state that “If you’ve been on the fence about the Wii controls, put those fears to rest. True, there is a different technique involved, but once you get the hang of it you will be flying through levels with precision and speed. Now that I’ve played through Banana Blitz, I would not want to go back to the older control configurations.”

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for further reviews - Red Steel and Zelda obviously being the two most interesting, and we’ll be posting our thoughts as well once we’re able to get our hands on the console!

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