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Nintendo Europe To Offer 36 Virtual Console Titles In Q1

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Release Dates, Retro, Wii

Zelda: Ocarina of TimeA press release from Nintendo of Europe has the Virtual Console receiving 36 new titles in the first quarter of 2007. Nintendo plans on offering 20 new Nintendo titles, 7 from the Turbografx-16, and 9 from the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Some of the titles have already hit the US, including Street Fighter II, but gamers in the UK will also see the classic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. No release date for this game has been revealed for the US, but hopefully gamers in the North American territory will see this as well as Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario World around the same time that the games launch in Europe. Of course, gamers that managed to grab either the Zelda: Master Quest or Zelda: Collector’s Edition for the Gamecube could play those titles now, but the Virtual Console version is a lot cheaper than a trip to eBay to get those releases.

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Sony Online Announces Six Downloadable Midway Titles

Championship SprintSony Online Entertainment and Midway Games announced that six Midway titles will be brought to the Playstation Network in 2007. The six titles will be Mortal Kombat II, Gauntlet II, Joust, Rampage World Tour, Rampart, and Championship Sprint. Championship Sprint, Gauntlet II, and Rampart all had addictive gameplay; hopefully Internet play will be implemented with limited lag. The releases should be based around the arcade versions of the games; it would be tragic to get a port on par with the woeful Sega Saturn version.

The full press release continues after the jump.

Three New Titles Hit Virtual Console

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Nintendo, Retro, Wii

Dungeon ExplorerNintendo announced three new titles for the Virtual Console today, including the delayed Dungeon Explorer for the TurboGrafx-16. In addition to the five player multiplayer Gauntlet style Dungeon Explorer, Nintendo also offers Star Soldier for the TurboGrafx and the classic shooter Gradius for the NES. Both TurboGrafx titles sell for 600 Wii points and Gradius will sell for 500 Wii points. The TurboGrafx console struggled in the US, despite some strong software titles; it is good to see these getting more exposure on the Virtual Console.

The full press release continues below.

ESRB Hints At Street Fighter II On Virtual Console

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: CAPCOM, Fighting, Nintendo, Retro, Wii

Street Fighter II1up.com has done a little trolling through the ESRB database and found some interesting titles. Games like Kirby’s Adventure and Kid Icarus appear in the database for the Wii, but a new entry, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is listed. While this title could be for something other than the Virtual Console, this seems unlikely. Hopefully, having Capcom on board will mean that gamers will get to see other classic titles like Bionic Commando.

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Four New Titles In US Virtual Console

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Nintendo, Retro, SEGA, Wii

Alien CrushNintendo today made four new Virtual Console titles available in the US. The titles include Ice Hockey for the NES at 500 points, Gunstar Heroes and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine for the Genesis at 800 points each, and Alien Crush for the TurboGrafx16 at 600 points. The titles are a decent mix; the most interesting is probably Alien Crush, a classic pinball release. Mean Bean Machine, based around the Puyo Puyo play mechanic may also interest puzzle game fans.

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First PS1 Games Show Up On US Playstation Store

Playstation OneAccording to a post from the E-mpire forums, the first batch of original Playstation games for the PSP is now available from the Playstation store. Those gamers that have managed to score a Playstation 3 to go with the PSP will be able to download one of five PS1 games for $5.99. The games, and file sizes are:

  • Crash Bandicoot (469MB)
  • Cool Boarders (283MB)
  • Hot Shots Golf 2 (157MB)
  • Syphon Filter (385MB)
  • Tekken 2 (535MB)

The pricing for the games certainly seems aggressive compared to offerings Nintendo, particularly with Genesis and Nintendo 64 games running at $8 and $10 US on the Virtual Console.

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Nintendo To Add New Virtual Console Titles Monday

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Nintendo, Retro, Wii

Classic Controller On December 4, Nintendo will release four new titles for their Virtual Console game service. The releases include Donkey Kong Jr. for 500 Wii Points, Victory Run for the TurboGrafx16 for 600 Points, and Columns and Ristar from the Sega Genesis for 800 Wii Points each. The games will be available starting at 9 AM Pacific time, and Nintendo has promised that each Monday after this will also feature new Virtual Console titles. While the previous selection of Virtual Console titles has been a little uneven in terms of quality, having new releases every week may mean that gamers will get to see more of their past favorites or forgotten cult classics a little sooner.

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Sam and Max Jumps Out of Gametap, Free Demo available

Sam and Max: They Bust Punks My Gametap-less friends, the long wait is over. Sam and Max Season I: Episode I: Culture Shock is now available for the low price of $8.95. The 72MB game, which appears to be clocking in at about 3 hours of playtime, can be downloaded from TellTale’s site by itself, or as part of a “season pass” for $34.95. You can also download a free demo of the game, although one has to wonder exactly how much play you’ll get out of a demo for a 3-hour long game.

Reviews so far appear to be quite favorable, with some of the requisite pining for the old 2D Lucasarts adventure game days of yore.  Click below to check out the free demo at TelltaleGames.com!

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Japan Gets Crazy Wii Virtual Console Launch Lineup

Wii Logo Oh Nintendo… why is it that you’re so well-loved over in Japan, but constantly the runner-up here. Could it be because gamers here are into more “mature” content? Could it be that you’re a native company in Japan? Or is just because you save all of your best, most awesomest stuff for Japan only. First there were the Japan-only Game and Watch collection, the Japan-only DS game cases, then the Japan-only “Bit Generations” games and the (now formerly) Japan-only Pink and Black DS Lites. And now? You guessed it, an incredibly awesome list of Virtual Console games for the Wii that is (for the time being at least) Japan-only.

Click the jump for the complete list of VC games that you WON’T be playing on launch day. (Although methinks Nintendo will be bringing a lot of these state-side shortly).

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Commodore 64 Games Could Appear In Virtual Console

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Nintendo, Wii

California GamesGamasutra reports that the latest issue of Nintendo Power indicates that gamers could possibly see Commodore 64 games appearing in Nintendo’s Virtual Console. Specifically, titles from extinct game developer Epyx were mentioned. Epyx had a decent line-up of games for the Commodore 64, including games like Summer Games, California Games, and Impossible Mission. And since the games would be based around their Commodore 64 versions, gamers should actually be able to complete Impossible Mission. Hopefully the emulation isn’t so precise that the FastLoad cartridge will be required.

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