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Comic Book Jobs: Comic Book Retailer

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Do you have a knack for the retail? Do you think you could convince a hardcore Marvel zombie to pick up a copy of The Walking Dead or Chew?

Would you like to spend your Wednesdays rummaging through a huge stack of new comics before most people get to see them?

You could be a retailer. Or an Assistant Manager of a comic book store.

An “Eisner Award-Winning Comic Book Shop Chain in Northridge, California” is looking for one who can spare 30-40 hours a week for $8-10 an hour, depending on skills and experience.

You gotta have knowledge of the current market for comics and graphic novels, and at least a year of retail experience. You’ll be expected to handle the register, inventory, restocking, and maintenance of the sales floor.

If this is the store that I’m thinking of, it’s one of the best in the Valley and very close to Cal State Northridge so you get some college clientele in there too.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons (you knew I was picking that, right?), © Fox]


Amazon and Target now selling iPad

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iPad Target AmazonBoth Amazon and Target are now selling the iPad, just in time for the holiday season. We’d previously mentioned that Target would get the iPad in October, but having major online retailer Amazon on board as well just gives more choice for the purchasing of the product—especially since most customers will be able to get it tax-free, along with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers. You can check out the iPad on Amazon now.

iPad comes to Target on October 3

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iPad TargetIf you’ve wanted to pick up an but haven’t gotten around to it yet, you’ll have another option as far as purchasing location in a little over a week, as Target stores will start selling the Apple tablet on October 3 in both the WiFi and 3G flavors. Even better, if you’ve got a Target credit card, they’ll be having a 5% off special for the iPad beginning October 17th. The holiday season is upon us.

Items Du Jour: Chanel Forbids Press From Using Its Name, Victoria Loves Curves

Coco Rocha on the cover of Tatler—Forget the hassle of putting on and removing your clothes! Engineer Paul Luckham and designer Manel Torres have created spray-on clothing that actually turns into fabric when it touches the body, allowing you to recycle the article.

—Coco Rocha takes the cover of Russian Tatler, her first cover as a married woman. What goes best with a gorgeous designer gown? A giant teddy bear, of course.

—Victoria Beckham appeared on The View recently to promote her latest collection. In addition to explaining what a dream come true this is for her, she expressed her desire to design clothes for curvy women: “I want to celebrate a woman’s curves, though you’re right, I don’t have that many myself… I love a woman’s body and I want to make women look and feel fantastic.”

—At the launch of her second bag collection, Kate Moss revealed that she thought that her modeling career was over after her first cover shoot with Corrine Day.

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Olivia Palermo Signed as New Face of Mango

Olivia Palermo and Johannes HeublFrom a supporting friend

actress on The City, Olivia Palermo is moving her career up to modeling status as the new face of Mango. The 24-year-old beauty will star alongside model boyfriend Johannes Heubl in the campaign, which she admits was initially embarrassing to shoot.

“At first, it was really embarrassing - but then I remembered it was just him and I could be normal - so then it was really fun.”

However, she is unsure if the Spanish brand - which is also fronted by Scarlett Johansson and Poppy Delevigne - will show the shoot internationally. “I don’t know about that but I’m really pleased to have done it.”

It is not yet clear if she will design her own range of clothes for the store as former models and Milla Jovovich have done. Earlier this month, Olivia confessed she has a whole host of ambitions in the fashion industry: “I want to act, model, try it all. Designing a collection will come in time.”

“I play around with different styles. I don’t think I can wear the clothes I wore when I was 20, now that I’m 24,” she explained.

Bedbugs Shut Down Hollister SoHo Store

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Hollister's SoHo storeWaves of Hollister fragrances aren’t the only thing you should be worried about when perusing the surf-happy store—you’ve got to steer clear of the bedbugs nowadays!

The retail chain, owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, recently shut its SoHo store down due to the infestation, which one spokesman said was only “affecting certain isolated areas of the store.”

Well, that’s not what an employee is saying: “The first report of bedbug bites in the store was three weeks ago by and employee and a manager, but that was ignored. On Tuesday the 29th, an employee found that she had been bitten, and also found a live bedbug and an exoskeleton on her borrowed Hollister outfit. All of the employees were forced to continue working even though more and more bugs were being discovered.”

Gotta love those corporate decisions.

The store’s closing is only temporary; the company says that it’s working hard to get rid of the bug problem.

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3G iPad launches April 30th at 5:00 PM

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iPad 3G

just made it known to the world that the US launch of the 3G will happen on the very last day of the month (hey, they did say late-April!) If you’ve been clamoring and waiting for a Wi-Fi + 3G Apple tablet, April 30th is your day, as Apple Stores across the United States will start selling them that day at 5:00 PM. If you pre-ordered your 3G iPad before yesterday, you should expect it to arrive on the 30th as well. If you order it online now, you’ll have to wait until May 7 for it to arrive.

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Fashion Designer Alexa Chung

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Alexa ChungFormer model-turned-entertainer Alexa Chung is returning to her humble beginnings, collaborating with clothing store J. Crew.

The British TV presenter will be working with the chain retailers to create her own fashion range, which will be inspired by her personal style. Alexa, 26, said, “I was being offered so many collaborations for a long time, but I held off. I thought it was quite a ‘sellout’ thing to do.”

The brand’s chairman Millard Drexler, however, claimed Alexa would be more than just a spokesperson: “There is no grand scheme to this, and we still don’t want to hire a celebrity spokesperson. It’s just that Alexa is totally cool. It’s not the way she looks or dresses. It’s the way she is.”

The range will include dungaree dresses, high-waisted skinny jeans, polka dot tea dresses and oversized wool jackets, mimicking her own wardrobe. Alexa is no stranger to the fashion industry, having previously walked the catwalk for and modeled for DKNY and British chain New Look.

In 2009, Alexa was named the most stylish woman of the year by , beating French actress Audrey Tautou and Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker to the top spot.

Quote of the Day: Christian Louboutin on His Slutty Customers

Christian Louboutin

“There’s the sexy side, and then there is the Parisian side, which is complementary but also the opposite. If you are very chic you might not need an extra drop of chicness, so you go for the sexy side and buy my shoes because they are… tarty. We get very smart women coming in and buying a pair to feel a little more sluttish. And then, thank God, we also get the hookers coming in the store, who buy my shoes because they are superchic. You see, whatever you have, if you add a drop of the opposite, then it just becomes a little more sexy.”

- Shoe designer Christian Louboutin on the range of customers his products attract.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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JCPenney to Carry Mango Line

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Mango storeSpanish-based clothing retailer Mango is moving into 600 JCPenney stores across the states by Fall 2010.

With both Charlotte Ronson and the Olsen twins stationing their own lines there, the department store seems to be making its way up the fashion industry ladder! While Mango has already set up 12 stand-alone shops in the US, it is nothing compared to its international number at 1,200; it is clear that the partnership is aimed at broadening its American presence.

Although the I Heart Ronson line isn’t too bad, there was nothing special about that line nor the Olsenboye range. This makes me wonder if Mango will be altering their clothes to fit the JCPenney look once they’re in the stores—the last time I ever step foot in the department store, I’m fairly sure I didn’t see any sweaters priced at $70.

Either way, I’m more concerned about having to prepare myself for a bombardment of Scarlett Johansson ads when I do my back-to-school shopping!

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