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Hunting For Coupon Codes

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BargainsWhen you purchase something online and see a space for a coupon code, don’t you wonder if there is really one out there? We searched around and found lots of sites to find these codes and printable coupons.

If you like giving restaurant gift cards, Restaurant.com offers $25.00 certificates for only $10.00, with minimal stipulations. We could go on but you could probably find them as easily with a simple search of “coupon code” with the name of the store or manufacturer you are interested in.


In Brief: Ruby Tuesday’s to Demolish Last “Old” Restaurant

rubytuesdayAs part of a huge makeover and the accompanying advertising campaign, Ruby Tuesday will be demolishing their last “old” restaurant on Tuesday August 5 - and they’ll be webcasting it live at 3:00 PM Eastern.  Whatever your reason for being excited about this, if you want to catch it live take a coffee break and head on over to their website.

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Ruby Tuesday

Free Hell’s Kitchen Video Game

Hell's Kitchen Screen Shot

There have been video games based on films and tv shows for as long as we can remember, and we notice that every time a new super hero movie arrives, there is always a game tie-in. Now video games meet Reality TV with Hell’s Kitchen. The lovable curmudgeon Chef Gordon Ramsay is in 3D and helps you work your way up to a Five Star restaurant and includes recipes you can try at home. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista, the game is free to download. Of course, if you want the unrated version that will set you back $19.95. Next thing you know “Big Brother” and “Survivor” will become games, too.


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s’Baggers Automated Restaurant

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s'BaggersPig & Carp

Germany’s s’Baggers Restaurant has been up and running for a while now and is apparently expert at what they do as they have captured the attention of even the BBC. The brainchild of Michael Mack, the first automated restaurant features color coded seating, a touchscreen TV for ordering, and food prepared by chef in the kitchen on the roof that comes down an assembly line. While waiting, the diner can catch up with e-mail,  send an IM, or read about the ingredients in their selected dish. While we may not be able to visit s’Baggers right away, we cannot wait to partake of their very special Suckling Pig & Carp Night.


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Hot Summer Series Gets a Spring Run

Hell's Kitchen

fans no longer have to wait for rising temperatures to enjoy Gordon Ramsay’s fire - this summer sensation has been bumped up to spring. But before we move on to a whole new crop of competitors, let’s not forget the ones we loved from last summer.

In a recent Access Hollywood interview, gave the dish on the fate of some of our faves and even dropped a few hints about the sizzling new scenes yet to come. Last season’s Julia caught attention early for her determination and heart-wrenching elimination, where Ramsay told her he wanted to send her to culinary school for formal training, an offer not given to any other HK competitor. Ramsay called the former Waffle House chef an “amazing lady, extraordinary talent,” and warns “don’t think you’ve seen the last of this lady.” Julia did in fact go to culinary school, and Ramsay has promised that she’ll be back, though “not too sure where she’s going to pop up.” He still keeps in touch with her, and almost all the contestants of the show.

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Disney Testing Magic Connection

Disney MapDisney is apparently toying with the idea of a Magic Connection System in its parks. With a Nintendo DS, users can click individual areas and rides and find the waiting time. Check out restaurants by reading their menus. While this is still at the rumor stage, it is reported that people are indeed trying the program out. We think it is a fine idea since we tend to get navigationally challenged at large amusement parks. We would even welcome the idea of adapting the idea at a mall during the holidays, so that we can find out ahead of time if the latest hot Elmo toy is sold out before we get there.

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Papa John Learns to Text

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Papa John's Texting

Most fast food places already allow pre-ordering, so Papa John is trying to one up the competition by offering texting for pizza. Launched a couple of months ago, it is available in about 3,000 of their restaurants and came about after they found that approximately 20% of its sales comes from ordering online. Registered customers can save up to four “FAVS” and text that and the number on their cell phones. Considering that you could have always done this with a land line, and as technology becomes more advanced every day, we figure it will just be a matter of time before we can all text our fave fast food joints to “HTP” (hold the pickles.)


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Fine Dining for a Great Cause

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FarestartLast Thursday my sister invited me out to dinner with her and a girlfriend--girl's night out--but as it happened, her husband stood in for the friend who could not make it last minute. We went to a restaurant in downtown Seattle called FareStart, not your typical restaurant in regards to where the night's profits will end up. Not to the wonderfully friendly wait-staff, as they are all volunteers, or to the Guest Chef of the night, as he, or she also volunteers their time. This restaurant that serves lunch Monday through Friday and a special dinner on Thursday nights hosted by local top chefs is a haven for former homeless adults wanting to learn a trade as well as crucial life skills that will get them back out into the workforce, back out into their communities with renewed confidence in themselves. FareStart says it best:

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Robo Waiter Takes Orders

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This engaging little Robo Waiter is in Hong Kong taking orders with no backtalk. He shows customers to their tables and waits until they speak into his microphone. The message is then relayed to the kitchen where we presume it is still cooked by a real person. Peter Chow, Director of CyberRobotics Technology, claims that restaurant sales have increased by 20 to 30% since he has been “hired.” Although the bot does not deliver food, it is certainly a big improvement over that tacky Jack In The Box clownhead speakerphone.

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