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Nokia Recalls 5610 XpressMusic Handsets

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Nokia 5610Rumor has it Nokia has announced that they are no longer offering their 5610 XpressMusic handset and will recall all of its existing inventory from stores and warehouses. This was prompted when a manufacturing problem affecting the phone’s display was detected. If you have one of the models, you can get a replacement of a 5310 or 6301 at any T-Mobile phone store plus a $25.00 or $50.00 credit from the company as a way of apologizing. While we are not completely convinced that this has gone past the rumor stage, we did notice that T-Mobile lists them as “temporarily out of stock.”

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Role Refill Ordered for My Own Worst Enemy

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Drama, Prime Time, NBC, News,

Madchen AmickIs officially making a comeback? After a string of parts on various shows, the actress has nabbed two high profile television roles this year.

Amick, best known for her years on Twin Peaks, already has a juicy stint coming up on Gossip Girl. Now, she’s just been asked to do a last-minute replacement on My Own Worst Enemy.

Even though the show is scheduled to premiere in just a few months, it’s already had to deal with a few untimely changes. Recently, the show’s creator was pushed further into the background while one of the co-producers was promoted to executive producer/showrunner status. Now, the freshman series is having to rebuild itself around a new actress.

Originally, Yara Martinez (The Unit) was scheduled to star opposite . Amick will now assume the role of the unsuspecting wife. (Slater plays a man with two personalities; one’s a regular joe, the other’s a spy.)

Are these changes symbolic of a troubled season to come? We’ll find out when Enemy premieres on October 13.

The Insider Drops Pat O’Brien

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Television, Drunk, Rumors,

Pat O'BrienWhat’s the best way to replace a lushy anchor?  You substitute him with a non-drinking Mormon.

Just last month, we told you about Pat O’Brien’s recent trip to rehab.  The Insider host, who made a living by talking about other celebrity issues, entered himself into treatment hoping to “maintain his sobriety.”  (In other words, he wanted to stop drunk-dialing again.)

Since O’Brien’s leave of absence, a variety of people have stepped in to fill his shoes on the entertainment program.  As of late, has not only been the main subject of the show’s daily stories, he’s been pulling double-duty as Lara Spencer’s co-host.  Now it seems that gig will become a permanent deal.  According to the New York Post, Donny will be taking advantage of his new found popularity (thanks Marie!) and become a regular fixture in our households.

As for O’Brien?  Paramount is apparently opting not to ‘renew’ his three-year contract.  (That sounds much better than being ‘fired’.)  I guess he’ll have a lot more time now to call a few friends.

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Judge Twiggy Leaving ‘America’s Next Top Model’

DescriptionIs there something about that female judges can’t stand?

When first debuted in 2003, Baby Phat’s graced the judge’s panel along Tyra.  Since that time, the producers have met the estrogen quota by introducing ‘The World’s First Supermodel’ and .

But now after 5 years with the ‘Living Legend’, we’ve learned of another new face for Season 10: .  The woman who was featured in many Sports Illustrated issues (and was quickly dismissed on last season’s Dancing With The Stars) will soon be warming Twiggy’s seat at the far end of the table.  According to the producers, the replacement was made due to ‘scheduling conflicts’ in Ms. Lawson’s schedule.  (Of course, we know that excuse could be used as loosely as ‘irreconcilable differences’.) 

I can only imagine that this new development might provide a ratings boost for the now long-running show.  I think most people in the 18-49 demographic can remember admiring Paulina’s photo at one point and time; I don’t think that’s something that could be said of Twiggy.

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Sherri Shepherd Newest Host for ‘The View’

Sherri ShepherdAs we reported back in July, and were thought to be the leading contenders to join daytime’s .  And while reported contract negotiations delayed Sherri’s official selection,  Whoopi was introduced to fans on Tuesday

But according to a new report in USA Today, fans of Shepherd will not have to wait much longer.  As mentioned on today’s show,  the final host would be announced in just a few days.  Hallelujah!  A source reports to the newspaper that Shepherd, who has filled in many times as a guest host, will indeed be the one shifting to a permanent status.

Once the official announcement is made next Monday (September 10th), a collective sigh of relief will be heard around the country.

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‘The View’ To Announce Replacements

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Daytime, Talk Shows, ABC, Rumors,

The ViewFor months now, our view of The View has been constantly changing.  A long roster of guests have helped to help fill the seat once occupied by Star Jones Reynolds.  And occasionally, Whoopi Goldberg has sat in the first seat left cold by Rosie O’Donnell.

The guessing game should end next week when producers are expected to announce permanent replacements.  Frequent seat-warmer Sherri Shepherd is finally expected to move from contract to permanent status.  (As many times as she has spilled her life story to those ladies, I would be incredibly upset if she did not get the gig).  As for the other slot?  That has Whoopi’s name written all over it.  Apparently, this means all rumors of a possible gay counterpart will probably be squashed.

Unfortunately, ABC’s Human Resources Department will only be getting a quick break.  Their job recruitment services will again be on demand soon when goes on her maternity leave.

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