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AT&T testing bandwidth caps, Verizon says no plans to cap FiOS or DSL

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If you’re in Reno and you use AT&T as your broadband Internet provider, you’re now unfortunately the latest victim of this whole capped bandwidth nonsense that seems to be taking hold across the US. It started when Comcast implemented a 250GB per month cap on October 1. Now word has hit that metered billing of between 20-150GB per month is going to be tested in Reno on AT&T’s DSL network. If you are a new customer who’ll be apart of the trial, depending on the speed tier you choose, you’ll get a cap somewhere between 20 and 150 gigabytes per month. If you’re an existing customer, you’ll be chosen to be a part of the trial if your monthly bandwidth happens to exceed 150GB in a month.

The trend is something we are vehemently against, so I figured I’d ask one of the Verizon PR reps that I know on Twitter, Kevin Laverty, if we should expect a similar announcement from Verizon, after another Verizon rep said no. His answer:

That’s an affirmative - Verizon has no plans to cap bandwidth on either its FiOS or High Speed Internet/DSL services.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that. It’ll be a nice bullet-point for Verizon if they can say that FiOS is not only faster, but also is completely uncapped as far as usage goes.


So You Think You Can Dance Tour Announced

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Fans of —that time has come.  Not only are we down to the Final Ten contestants, but we finally get to see the schedule for the nationwide tour.  The increasing popularity of the show has not only upped the number of stops this year, but it has increased the size of the venues the dancers will be performing in.  That may be a good or bad thing depending on what you prefer.

The tour begins Sept. 21 in Albany, NY and ends on Nov. 30th in Reno, NV.  Tickets for most cities (not including pre-sales) go on sale on Aug. 11th

To see if Lacey and Pasha will be coming anywhere near you…click on the link below!

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