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Philips Releases 16 Million Colors

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

Philips MoodlightPhilips has designed a moodlight that can create 16 million colors. The Living Color LED can be used on ceilings or floors and comes with a remote so that you can alter its hue whenever the mood strikes you. At a size of 28.8 x 22.5 x 24.4 cm and a weight of 553 g, the company claims it has an “extremely long” life with low energy usage. We wonder if that really means long enough to find all of those colors. It’s available for €149.00 (~$211.00,) but only in Germany at this point. Feel free to pick one up for us if you plan on visiting the country this Oktoberfest.

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Beo5 Arrives Open Minded

Beo5 RemoteFor those with bucks, Bang & Olufsen is introducing its Beo5 Remote that features a universal language and the ability to be programmed for any combination of functions after purchase. It can be customized at your local store for home entertainment, security, appliances, lighting, etc. At a size of 69.3 x 115.8 x 32.3 mm and a weight of 205 g, its ambidextrous functions and buttons can be changed, added, or removed. On a full charge, it will last about 18 hours and comes with a decent 3.6 meter cable for flexibility. Available any time now, expect the adaptable Beo5 to set you back $560.00.

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Make Tracks With This USB Car


Our pick for USB toy of the week is this RC car. You control its six directions from your computer with software for up to a distance of 4 feet (cable included.) The minute vehicle’s size is 8.5 x 4.5 x 3.3 cm, weighs 44 g, and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP. After only a few minutes in its garage for a charge, add decals, honk the horn, and off you go for only $29.99. Check out the demo on brando to watch it go through its paces.

(Thanks, Fanny)


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Lair Playable on PSP Via Remote Play

A and owner has discovered that Liar is playable via the PS3’s Remote Play feature on the PSP. This is the first time a based game is able to take advantage of the feature and is reportedly quite responsive and playable. It has even been suggested that in light of all the flak Lair has taken over its controls, the use of the PSP’s analog stick is actually preferable.

What’s most curious about the revelation is that it is a revelation at all. This sounds like something would have jumped all over, especially once the disappointing reviews started pouring in.

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Sony Tabletop Remote With Wide Coverage

Sony Tabletop Remote

How often do you forget to point your remote at the VCR but instead aim it at the TV? Sony’s new waterproof RM-PZ1FD with three infrared LEDs offers wider cover and is designed for tables, counters, or nightstands with soft buttons for both digital and analog transmissions. The remote also works with fifteen other brands such as Matsushita, Sharp, and JVC. At a size of 4 x 5-inches, it will be available sometime this month, and comes with the mini-price tag of ¥1,980 (~$17.00) in each of three different colors.


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Best NetGuard Helps Parents Control Kids’ Internet Activity

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Internet, Misc. Tech,

Best NetGuardIf you’re a parent, chances are you’re concerned about your child’s internet activities, from who they’re chatting with to the sites their visiting to the amount of time spent online. We propose a gadget that could help: Best NetGuard. It’s a small remote control with two buttons: “ON” activates Best NetGuard, disconnecting your child from the internet. The “OFF” button re-connects them. The device works by enabling/disabling the ethernet connection on the PC. No software or tools required, and it works from a range up to 75 ft. Available for $40 USD.

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PS3 Bluetooth Remote Ships

PS3 Remote

The Playstation 3 Bluetooth remote is starting to appear in retail stores, according to online reports. A member of the NeoGAF forums was apparently able to purchase the remote from an EBGames in Richmond, VA. The remote retails for $24.99. Physically, the device looks fairly slim. Those consumers that play a Blu-Ray movies often will welcome the dedicated buttons on the remote. Given that the Playstation 3 relies on Bluetooth for its controllers, this may be the only dedicated remote available for a while. There are a couple of larger pictures available in the forum post.

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More Wii Remote Questions Answered

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Hardware, Nintendo, Wii,

Wii RemoteAfter ComputerAndVideogames ran down an extended preview of the Wii remote, there were still some lingering questions. Now, a few of those questions are explored. ComputerAndVideogames tackled battery life and power for the Wii controller; Nintendo believes that the remote should last 60 hours without the pointing function, 30 hours with. ComputerAndVideogames also discusses the pointing capabilities of the remote, saying that the remote doesn’t function as a light gun, but instead operates like a virtual mouse. They don’t rule out this functionality, but it was not present in any of the games tested. Other topics raised include calibration of the controller, replication of motion in games, and the sensor bar. While not as detailed as the previous Wii remote preview, at least some new questions are answered.

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Ubisoft To Charge $19.99 For Big Hunk Of Plastic

Wii WheelUbisoft’s steering wheel controller for the Wii, essentially a circular frame for the Wii remote, will be included free with two of its launch titles. However, gamers that would like to buy this big piece of molded plastic separately will have to pay $19.99 as reported by GameSpot. Given that there are no electronics in the wheel “add-on” it seems likely that an enterprising third-party could do something very similar for much cheaper.

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