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How Apple and ATT can fix the iPad 3G pricing bait-and-switch

At&T iPad 3g price change

After having a couple of days to let the absolutely ridiculous bait-and-switch that AT&T just pulled on Apple’s 3G customers sink in, I’ve come to the conclusion that one, or both, of these companies needs to do something for the customers that just got screwed.

In a nutshell, when Apple announced the iPad, there was the Wi-Fi-only version, and there was the 3G version. The big draw with the 3G model was that it had a very reasonable unlimited data plan for $29.99 for 30 days of access. You could start and stop at any time, no contract required. Let’s not fool ourselves here—this plan was a major selling point for the 3G iPad. However, in just three days—just a little over a month after the iPad 3G went on sale—that unlimited plan goes away and is instead replaced with a $25 plan that allows you just 2GB of data. A true bait-and-switch if we’ve ever seen one.

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Amazon Kindle-Gate: Purchased copies of Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 disappear

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Handhelds, Wireless / WiFi,

Amazon Kindle 2I have no idea what to even say about this, other than that we are severely, severely disappointed with and how they are allowing their publishers to treat users. In a nuthsell, Kindle users who purchased George Orwell’s 1984 and/or Animal Farm found yesterday that those two titles had mysteriously disappeared from their Kindles, and that they were credited $.99 for each purchase. Why? That’s because the publisher decided that they no longer wanted to sell the books on the Kindle Store. Now, that’s all fine, but did they really have to take it away from those who had already made the purchase?

The Kindle edition books Animal Farm by George Orwell. Published by MobileReference (mobi) & Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) by George Orwell. Published by MobileReference (mobi) were removed from the Kindle store and are no longer available for purchase. When this occured, your purchases were automatically refunded. You can still locate the books in the Kindle store, but each has a status of not yet available. Although a rarity, publishers can decide to pull their content from the Kindle store.

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Is Jackson Family Considering Concert Tour?

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Concerts / Tours, Rumors, Pop,

Tito, Janet and Jermaine JacksonEven though refunds are now being offered for Michael Jackson’s tour, there had been rumors that his siblings could pick up some of the pieces.

Just yesterday, it was reported that the Jackson clan - including sister Janet - was considering doing a tribute tour in their brother’s honor. This supposedly could have meant performances on some of Michael’s old London dates. It also might have meant stops in the United States. It’s not clear now how the upcoming refunds would affect a gathering, if at all.

The family would have reportedly performed songs done by or with the King of Pop.

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Refunds Being Offered for Michael Jackson Tickets

Michael Jackson 02 Concerts

NOTE: Refunds are only being offered to those who “purchased tickets through authorized agents.”

Later this week, refunds for Michael Jackson’s planned concerts will be offered in full.

Although many will still have to eat the cost of the flights they purchased, they will at least get back the service fees they were charged along with the ticket price.

Those wanting to remember the King of Pop could opt for a piece of memorabilia instead. Up until August 14, fans can choose to receive a commemorative concert ticket in lieu of a refund. The souvenirs, printed with the lenticular process, were designed by the artist himself.

Both options will become available starting on July 1. More information will be offered at MichaelJacksonLive.com.

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