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PS3 Sales Drop 82% in Great Britain

Playstations Lined Up After Sony broke records with their 165,000 unit launch in the UK, things were looking up a bit for the Playstation 3. The Playstation has traditionally sold very well in the UK, but this week’s news is not looking so good. From GamesIndustry.biz:

Sales of the PlayStation 3 have dropped dramatically on the second week of release in the UK, with official Chart Track figures revealing a fall of 82 per cent.

Chart Track data is gathered from 7000 UK retail outlets representing 90 per cent of the software market, including GAME, Gamestation, Play.com, Asda and HMV.


This week’s software charts revealed that sales of the top two PlayStation 3 titles, Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm, had dropped by over 60 per cent.

Does this mean that just about everyone in the UK who wanted a PS3 picked one up on launch day? Or is this due to a lack of supply available after the frenzied launch? Either way, hopefully Sony can somehow reverse this precipitous drop in sales… they could certainly use a bright spot to point to these days.

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JCB Diesel-Powered Car shatters Land Speed Record

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JCB Planelike CarA car - though it looks more like a wingless plane - built by JCB Dieselmax has shattered the previous diesel engine land speed record of 236 mph (380km/h). The vehicle definitely did it’s thing, reaching an average speed of 328.767 mph (529 km/h) during two runs in Utah, USA. The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile confirmed the tests on Tuesday, and an attempt to surpass the new record will be made on Wednesday.

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