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Powermats Charge Wirelessly

Powermat combines a super-thin mat and receiver to wirelessly charge 3 to 6 electronic devices, all at the same rate as their own chargers. Using magnetic induction, there are a dozen different receivers that will work with phones, PDAs, headsets, MP3 players, handheld games, GPS units, laptops, batteries, cameras, and more. For example, the one for home use comes with a storage tray and can handle up to 4 devices and has a USB port to charge a fifth. A fall debut is expected, so sign up on their site if you would like to be notified when the Powermats become available.


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Keep Those Cell Phones Warm

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Cell Phone WarmerWe don’t know where you are, but here we are in the negative numbers when it comes to outside temperature. Verizon has offered some helpful cell phone tips. The cold can run down your battery quicker, so recharge often. Because the display cover can actually become brittle, they suggest you keep it in an inside pocket so it will receive your body warmth (or get it a fuzzy cover.) Check your signal strength to determine where it is the strongest during a normal day. Finally, keep a list of emergency numbers in your address book such as police, fire, rescue agencies, and schools to check for closings.

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Vero Allows Solar Recharging

Vero Car Kit

The Vero ENB-100 allows for hands-free, Bluetooth communication within 30 feet of your cell phone. The solar powered car kit has voice recognition and will call by one word, even if your phone has dropped under the passenger seat. Three LEDs let you know the status of a call, and battery and solar recharging. It also features noise reduction, echo cancellation, an omni-directional mic, simplistic buttons, and promises up to 15 hours of talk time or 600 hours of standby, depending on the weather that day. At a size of 91.3 × 50.5 × 13.3 mm and a weight of 60 g, it comes with with a car charger, cradle, and mounting accessories. We think this would be a great addition to any dashboard, unless you happen to be in one of those dark-glassed, paparazzi-proof limos. It comes with a price tag of £51.06 (~$105.00.)


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Plug Into The Sun to Recharge

SolioThe universal Solio can handle all your charging needs either by sun or wall plug. Use it on your MP3 player, digital cam, handheld game, cell phone, GPS, or Bluetooth headset. In an emergency, one hour of sun will provide about 25 minutes of talk time on your mobile phone or up to an hour of iPod tunes, and when it is fully charged it can handle a full charge on most phones and nanos. It comes with interchangeable power tips and offers extras for $10.00 each, while the device itself will set you back $99.95. You receive $10.00 off if you order it in pukey pink, proving once again that even girly girls don’t really prefer gadgets in that shade.

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JoyTech announces Hunks-O-Plastic for Wii (Oh, and Charging Cradles!)

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Joytech Wii Charging Cradle

Joytech announced yesterday that they will be producing a variety of peripherals for Nintendo’s new Wii gaming console. Most of the new peripherals fall into the “big hunk o plastic” category, including a tennis racket-shaped attachment for tennis games, “protective” controller gloves, and a white steering wheel attachment similar to what will be included on Ubisoft’s GT Pro Series.

The one product of note, pictured above, is a Wii controller docking/recharging station which will feature a pop-in battery pack that charges over the console’s USB port. Now that would seem to be some great functionality - no extra power cords, plus a nifty looking stand for your Wiimotes. Nice work on that one, Joytech!

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