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Sony Recalls Cybershot Casings

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 DSC-T5 CybershotSony is yet again going through another recall. It seems that the casing on some of its DCS-T5 Cybershot digital cameras might peel and/or warp creating a sharp edge. The company has offered to replace it at no charge, including shipping, for the recall of approximately 416,000 cams sold in Japan, the U.S., Europe, and China. Check the bottom of the camera if you think yours might be suspect and look for serial numbers between 3500001 and 3574100.
Sony first noticed the defect one month after its Sept. 2005 release, when 30 Japanese consumers reported small cuts and scratches. Our only question to Sony is why it took the company so long to get to a total recall of the defective parts?

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Nintendo Replacing Wii Remote Straps For Free

Wii Remote Replacement Strap

In an honorable, if not necessary, move, Nintendo has decided to replace the faulty Wii Remote straps that have been giving trouble to gamers aplenty since the launch of Nintendo’s latest home gaming console. As it seems, the reports of simply too many Wii Remote strap-related accidents was enough to get Nintendo’s attention. As you can see in the image provided, the new straps, while still thin, are about twice as thick as the original ones. The replacements are free as long as you submit your Wii console serial number, and you can order up to four straps.


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Nintendo Offering Free Wiimote Strap Replacements

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Wii Straps

Nintendo of America is offering free strap replacements for those with the original Wiimote straps. The company has already been slipstreaming in the new straps into the supply chain, so not everyone will need to have a replacement sent. Those needed a replacement can fill out an online form with their address and their Wii console serial number. Nintendo believes that the replacement should arrive within 5 to 9 days.

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Canon Recalls Copiers Due to Fire Hazard

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Cannon Copier ButtonWait!  Don’t push that button just yet. Within weeks of the Dell and Apple laptop battery dilemma, there is another huge recall in the midst from another Japanese company, but to the relief of CEO Idei, it’s not Sony this time.  Apparently these Japanese companies have lost their touch with keeping the magic smoke inside electronics because Canon announced yesterday that it would recall more than 140,000 personal copiers because they could produce smoke and catch fire. The recall will cost the company somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.7M.

About 2 million of the copiers have been produced, but Canon estimates only 270,000 of the devices are still in use and only about 141,000 are affected by the recall. If that ratio holds, it means of these 1.7 million retired units, over 800,000 would have been affected by the recall.  I wonder how many of them went out in a blaze of glory.

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Apple Recalls 1.1 Million Batteries Due To Fire Hazard

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Now, we bet a few Apple fanboys are going to be feeling a bit sheepish over this one. A couple of weeks back, Dell issued a sweeping recall of laptop batteries, garnering a few point-and-laughs from the non-PC using side of the fence. Of course, Dell was just acting responsibly here, as it is actually Sony who manufactures the faulty batteries for Dell. The thing is, they also manufacture the batteries for Apple, and thusly, Apple has issued a recall of 1.1 million iBook and PowerBook batteries. If you would rather not have your G4-based Apple portable burst into flames, you may want to click on over to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission page, detailing the recall.

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