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DIY Solar Powered Jack-O-Lantern

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Household, Misc. Tech,

Solar PumpkinGo green this Halloween with a DIY Solar Powered Jack-O-Lantern. Aside from the pumpkin, you will need a carving knife, a Sharpie to design a face, and a solar-powered garden light. You can get all the instructions to make your own and remember to go really green by munching the roasted seeds, baking a pie and tossing the pumpkin on your compost pile. Make has lots of other ideas to spice up your Halloween, including a mag with 40+ projects.

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The LEGO Halloween Pumpkin is a Boo-tiful Thing

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Toys,

Lego Pumpkin

Put that pumpkin and carving knife down, my friend. Save yourself the inevitable mess, stress, and frustration of creating something slightly resembling a Jack-O-Lantern—and check out the LEGO 3D Pumpkin Pack instead. There are 174 pieces to put together, and don’t worry, the instructions are available online at lego.com/Halloween (which you can save on your LEGO USB drive, by the way). A unique way to celebrate the holiday, and a fun family activity to boot (ages 4 and up).  Available for $18 USD.

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This is No Ordinary Pumpkin

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Internet, Misc. Tech,

Barfing Pumpkin

We came across this site that features some of the most cleverly created pumpkins we have seen. Tom Nardone is more of an artist than a carver and we just thought we would share some of his special veggies. Extreme Pumpkins also features how-to advice, fire, light and pyrotechnics, design strategy, preservation, and what tools to use when carving. Tom’s site holds a yearly Halloween contest for other creative carvers, so feel free to send them a pic of your own jack-o-lantern this year.

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