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Chris Brown Diagnosed with PTSD, Bipolar Disorder

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Music, Legal Issues, Meltdowns,

Chris BrownChris Brown has been ordered to stay in a Miami rehab for another two months.

Doctors at the facility blame the musician's behavior on his previously undiagnosed PTSD and bipolar disorder, but they do claim that he is making improvements and becoming less impulsive.

Despite a report in which Brown said he "is happy with the program," he reportedly didn't look too happy to hear that his stay would be extended. A probation officer wrote to the court that Brown has indeed showed progressing and "[responding] well to treatment," but he additionally pointed out that the positive changes in his behavior "[have] occurred only recently."

Brown had been placed in rehab back in November after his was charged with a misdemeanor assault in Washington, D.C. - a direct violation of his probation for his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

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Alanis Morissette Had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Due to Fame

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Music, Meltdowns,

Alanis MorissetteAlanis Morissette has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the early part of her career.

The "Ironic" singer shot to fame when she was 20 with her hit album Jagged Little Pill - which was released in 1995 and has sold over 33 million copies worldwide - but she found the fame which came with it particularly overwhelming and she still sometimes struggles to cope.

"I still have PTSD from the Jagged Little Pill era. It was a profound violation. It felt like every millisecond I was attempting to set a boundary and say no and people were breaking into my hotel rooms and going through my suitcase and pulling my hair and jumping on my car. There was a period of time during the Jagged Little Pill era where I don't think I laughed for about two years. It was a survival mode, you know. It was an intense, constant, chronic over-stimulation and invasion of energetic and physical literal space."

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Grey’s Anatomy Preview: Owen Has a Hold on Cristina

Long gone are the days when Dr. Preston Burke romantically climbed into Dr. Yang’s hospital bed. Now Cristina has a new man - and he’s a little bit more aggressive.

On tomorrow’s episode of , Owen’s post-traumatic stress disorder will shift into high gear. Unfortunately, he’ll just happen to have a warm body lying next to him when it happens.

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Jury Duty Can Result in Stress Related Disorders

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Science,

JuryHave you ever gotten depressed after serving jury duty? Psychologists at the University of Leicester in the UK claim that doing so can result in trauma for those who serve. They pinpointed witnessing harrowing and/or gruesome evidence related to crimes against people could result in anxiety, clinical levels of stress or even symptoms of PTSD. Dr. Noelle Robertson and colleagues say that women are most vulnerable and that a lot of it occurs because jurors are not allowed to talk about the case. The study was conducted on a small scale and the report suggests more support for jurors and making sure that they did not have similar past experiences.

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