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Mel Gibson Film Sparks Protests in Mexico

Mel Gibson‘s new film has sparked protests in Mexico.

The 54-year-old actor has caused controversy over scenes being shot at the Ignacio Allende prison in the eastern state of Veracruz. The project - believed to be How I Spent My Summer Vacation - forced 214 inmates to be sent to at least four other detention centers in the country to accommodate the set.

The prisoners were escorted from the jail - which usually houses 1,000 convicts - by police and soldiers between midnight on Friday until roughly 3:00 am on Saturday morning last weekend. Those transported during the operation have been held on murder, robbery, drug trafficking, kidnapping and other serious charges.

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Daily Snark: All kinds of legal woes

Posted by Colleen McKie Categories: Celebrities,

Rihanna is served
Rihanna has been subpoenaed to testify against Chris Brown in his June 22nd trial.  For a while it was thought that Rihanna would refuse to testify against Brown.  But now that she has been seen out and about snuggling with Canadian rapper and actor Aubrey “Drake” Graham I have a feeling that she’s a lot more open to testifying.

Paris Hilton takes the cheesy way out
Paris Hilton has broken up with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.  Or rather, Hilton’s publicist has.  The heiress decided to take the tacky road and reportedly had her publicist end the relationship. And then released an official statement to People magazine.

Hey, at least she didn’t dump him on Twitter.

Michael Lohan okay with Daughter’s reconciliation for now
Seems like Lilo’s dad Michael is okay with her getting back with Sam Ronson.

Bet that’s a load off her mind.

Pete Doherty arrested
Sometime musician and constant coke head Pete Doherty has been arrested for DUI and drug possession in Gloucester, England. This follows last Friday’s arrest in Switzerland for doing heroin on a plane.

You going for some kind of record, Pete?  Why not try staying sober for more than a day?

Alba without a spine
Jessica Alba was caught on camera plastering shark posters all over Oklahmoa city as part of a protest of some kind of protest.  Shortly after the actress issued a formal apology.

“I got involved in something I should have had no part of. I realize that I should have used better judgment, and I regret not thinking things through before I made a spontaneous and ill-advised decision to let myself get involved with the people behind this campaign.”

Way to protest, Jessica. For a second there I thought you were more than an actress whose main concern his how much money she makes.  My bad.

Virtual Protestors Complain Over Second Life Price Hike

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SL ProtestThe r/t world isn’t the only place with housing problems. Some residents of Second Life were so upset at Linden Lab’s recently announced hike in their purchase and maintenance fees that about 800 protested on the virtual site with signs outside their SL office, some going as far as setting their avatars on fire. CEO Mark Kingdon claims that it will only be directed to select landowners, and will not apply to those on the regular mainland or private islands. Considering that there are about 8,000 less subscribers this year than last, we can understand their reasoning. Then again, you can always take up residence in another OpenSim neighborhood.

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Protest Originates on Facebook

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Colombian ProtestHundreds of thousands of citizens protested against the Marxist Farcs in Colombia yesterday. What is most remarkable about this is the fact that it was started on Facebook by 33 year-old Oscar Morales Guevara from his home in Barranquilla, Colombia. Over 250,00 Facebook users joined the application to support the message and soon other media joined in. Protesting also occurred in other countries. Many organizations, such as the Wisconsin-based Columbia Support Network, have been protesting for decades in an effort to reach a negotiated solution and fear that it may backfire on the captives that still remain with them, but we think that the best way to fight injustice is any way you can these days.

(Thanks, Cecilia)

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Federal Judge Okays NYC GSP

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DescriptionFederal Judge Richard M. Berman has decided to go along with the new law in NYC that GPS must be installed in all taxis, effective today. We originally told you that the cabbies were not thrilled having to follow the ruling because they felt the tracking was too much of an invasion of their privacy. Some of the drivers went as far as a two day protest last month. Head of the city’s law office, Michael Cardozo, said the decision was a “satisfying legal victory and a victory for all taxi passengers who will enjoy the benefits of these service improvements.” Living in a state that almost shut down today, some of us hope that the problem is soon solved to satisfy both sides in the next go-round October 10.

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