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Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3

Vertical Mouse 3The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 is, like both generations before it, designed to keep you wrist more naturally in a “handshake” position. With 5 programmable buttons and scroll wheel, the optical tracking can be adjusted from 800 to 2600dpi. There is a Break Reminder to let you know you have been on your PC too long. Choose between the left or right-handed wired version for $80.00 or the right-handed wireless for $120.00.

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OCZ Behemoth and Eclipse Laser Gaming Mice

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OCZ Mice

OCZ Technology has unveiled two new laser gaming mice that feature gaming grade double laser engines for ultra fast tracking up to 60-in. per sec. and programmable functions for keyboard command saving. The large sized, ergonomic Behemoth has a black, rubberized grip and an LED display for changing between 100 DPI and 3200 DPI. The Eclipse is more compact with a rubber coating and an LED display for 4-way changes between 100 and 2400 DPI. No prices or date of arrival have been released.

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Humanscale Ergonomic Switch Mouse

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Switch MouseHumanscale Switch Mouse’s ergonomic design consists of a V-shaped base, which is easier on the wrist and forearm, and a navigation dish that allows scrolling in all directions. In addition, it features programmable buttons, size adjustability, left and right handed usage, and built-in palm support. Humanscale claims that their mouse reduces repetitive motion stress and gives users a natural 45° angle. The multi-award winning Ergo designed peripheral is now shipping for $120.00.

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LawnBott Recovers its Tracks

LawnBott 3500Last May, we introduced you to the LawnBott, and it seems that KA Home Robotics is doing well, thank you very much. So well that they have introduced their new LB3500. The device can be programmed via Bluetooth through a compatible cell phone or PDA. Include days and hours and, at the end of its cycle, the Bott will return with its two lithium-ion batteries to its charging station. The 3500 features a higher sensitivity, a blade stop sensor, an on-board alarm, and a 360º bumper shell. Prices range from $3,249.00 to $4,279.00, depending on options.

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CES 2008: Roboquad Can Be Provoked

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RoboquadWowwee wasn’t content to simply release a male and fem bot at the CES, they also showed off what they call the first robotic arthropod. The Roboquad has 72 pre-programmed functions (with dance and movement demos,) as well as being capable of 40 more. With three different modes of walking, the bot has multi-colored flashing lights and techno sound effects. He comes with an illuminated remote, goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes, and powers down after 24 hrs. of inactivity. If that alone is not enough to sell you, can change his aggression level and challenge your Pleo to a duel. Running on 4 C and 3 AAA batteries, the bot can be yours for about $150.00.

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BOB Takes Role as Strict Parent

BOBIf you are tired of yelling at your kids to stop playing video games, Hopscotch Technology’s BOB will take care of the problem. With a simple set-up, it can be used with all electronics, including computers and TVs. BOB will simply turn off whatever device it is connected to at a pre-selected time. It can handle up to 6 users and is tamper-resistant, unless that kid is also a particularly smart one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only 1 to 2 hours of screentime per day. We suspect that if parents were to enforce that, there would be a lot of Johnny going over to Jimmy’s house for sleepovers. BOB is available for $99.00 to keep your conscience clear.

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Rolly Dances to MP3s

Sony RollySay hello to Rolly, the dancing egg. This Sony MP3 player can spin around with sensors that allow volume control when turned clockwise or counterclockwise or switch music with a push or pull. Weighing only 11 oz., it holds 1 GB of flash memory and built-in speakers. Bluetooth capable, it is programmable with software that will analyze music and then create choreography for the little bugger. It also doubles as an alarm clock. Rolly can keep going for about five hours before needing a recharge, and will hold 100 to 600 tunes, depending on the complexity of its dance steps. Only available at this point in Japan, its MSRP is ~$354.00.

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