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Katy Perry Unveils “Unconditionally” Video

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Katy Perry has unveiled the new video for "Unconditionally." The 29-year-old star - who is currently in a relationship with guitarist John Mayer - released the clip for the second single from her third studio album Prism today.

The brunette beauty worked with Brent Bonacorso on the video, which includes scenes showing her crouching in the snow, standing alone in the centre of a room full of people, wearing period drama-style clothing and even a scene where she holds a brown owl. Katy is also hit by a car in a dramatic scene, which is meant to show her enduring physical pain as a metaphor for unconditional love.

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Katy Perry Doesn’t Blame Exes in ‘Prism’ Songs

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Katy PerryKaty Perry won't hit out at her former lovers in her music.

The "Roar" hitmaker's third album, Prism, deals with her emotional state after her split from ex-husband Russell Brand in 2012, but she insists she tries not to make her former flames look like the bad guy in her tracks.

"Well, I never try to make people out to be villains, too much. There's a lot of empathy in my writing, even if there is pain and sadness. I think I'm not always trying to point the finger. I think on this record, the whole Prism record, it's very self-reflective and you hear that I've kind of gone inside more and looked at where I can make myself better, did a patchwork thing, rather than like 'Screw you. You're crazy. F**k you.'"

Katy - who is now dating John Mayer - still remembers the love she shared with former partners and wouldn't want to discredit it, but prefers to reflect on her own part in the failure of her relationships. "It's really easy when relationships end to be like 'That guy was a f***ing douchebag.' But really if you laid it down, and you saw the whole span of the relationship, you saw that you were in love. You saw the intimate moments, you saw the pain, you saw all the emotions and you have to kind of say 'Well, what responsibility can I take for myself in all of this?'" the 29 year-old said.

Katy Perry Announces Icona Pop Will Join ‘Prism’ Tour

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Icona Pop at this year's EMAsKaty Perry has announced Icona Pop will be joining her on tour.

The "Roar" singer took to Twitter yesterday morning to release the dates of her Prismatic World Tour and confirmed the Swedish duo as her support act. The "I Love It" hit-makers will feature as special guests on the UK leg of Katy's worldwide tour in support of her latest album Prism, which landed the number ones in both the UK and US charts.

"#THEPRISMATICWORLDTOUR is coming May 2014! First stop: UK! Tix on sale FRIDAY, 11/22 at http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk. I'm bringing my friends @iconapop to Belfast, Newcastle, Nottingham, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and LONDON!" she wrote.

The eagerly-awaited tour will open next year with a string of gigs in Belfast's Odyssey Arena on May 7, and will finish with a three-night stay at London's O2 Arena on May 30. Whilst tickets for the UK leg of Katy's Prismatic World Tour tour go on sale from 9 am Friday, she has assured fans that the rest of her worldwide tour dates will be released shortly. "DON'T WORRY - more GLOBAL tour dates coming soon! I can't wait to get closer to ALL of you than ever before! #THEPRISMATICWORLDTOUR [sic]," she added.

Sweden Inspires Katy Perry

Katy PerryKaty Perry's Prism is strongly influenced by Sweden.

The "Unconditional" singer started work on her fourth studio album in her home town of Santa Barbara but Swedish producer, Klas Ahlund says working with her in his home country helped bring a different feel to the record.

"We did most of our stuff actually in Stockholm and I totally think that affected how it came out. When you move around the planet, the vibe of the place you're making the music in definitely makes an imprint on whatever you're writing," Ahlund said.

According to Ahlund, it was the stark difference between American and Swedish folk music that impacted on Katy's work - and he believes the "melancholy and lonely" tones of traditional Swedish melodies combined with Katy's bubbly persona were the lightening force behind the new album; inspiring songs such as "Roar."

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Katy Perry Was High Recording “California Gurls”

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Katy Perry in Katy Perry was high when she recorded "California Gurls."

The singer was overcome by the weed smoked by her collaborator Snoop Dogg [currently going by the name Snoopzilla], when they recorded a rap in the middle section of the song, for her last album Teenage Dream.

"It was really cool. He came by the studio, played the song and rolled a J. Everybody was contact [passively] high. But he was super-cool and he's been around forever. It's really amazing if you meet someone that's been around for 20 to 25 years and they're still cool, because sometimes they aren't," Katy is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying.

The first song Katy wrote for her latest album, Prism, was "By the Grace of God," which has a much darker tone, as it was inspired by Katy's breakup with ex-husband Russell Brand, and she admits she was in a bad way when she wrote it.

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Emeli Sande Enjoys Writing for Katy Perry

Emeli Sande Katy Perry

Emeli Sande has written songs for Katy Perry's new album.

The "Clown" singer-songwriter hailed the "Roar" hit-maker as "awesome" after a recent trip to US where she hit the studio with the star to pen a track for her upcoming fourth studio album Prism: "I've written a song for Katy Perry's album. We did a session together in New York. She was awesome, she knows what she's doing."

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Apple, Microsoft, Google & others petition US government for transparency in data requests

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US Gov Data Request

Several big named tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are publicly requesting that the National Security Agency (NSA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) allow them to transparently publish more information regarding the controversial data mining operations and surveillance programs held by US government agencies.

Dubbed SpyGate, the legitimate controversy has made headlines over legislation of section 215 of the Patriot Act and section 702 of the FISA amendment ACT. Not to mention the whistleblower saga that has ensued after former NSA employee and current on the run globetrotter, Eric Snowden, leaked details about the covert operation infamously known as Prism. Many of the allegations summarized in the massive leak state that the US government has backdoor access to the servers of many leading private industry companies and direct access to major US telecommunication carriers. With such access, the government collects and monitors millions of American's information not limited to just metadata. Many private companies have signed a petition of transparency that includes Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Skype and many others. Below is the petition letter in its entirety.

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Nokia Releases New Prism

Nokia 7900 Prism

With new phones coming out every time we blink, we found one that we really appreciate for its looks. (Vain, aren’t we?) Collaborating with France’s Frédérique Daubal, Nokia’s 7900 joins its Prism Collection with an aluminum back and crystal key in the center, surrounded by diamond-cut patterns. It has 1 GB memory, an OLED display, a 2 megapixel cam, and comes in a choice of 49 key pad colors. Vanity does not come cheaply. The phone has a MSRP of ~$544.00. Contact Nokia for details.


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Nokia Goes Triangular

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Nokia PrismsGeometry fans will appreciate Nokia’s Prism Cell Phones, which feature triangular shapes, including their keypad buttons. Available in 7500 and 7900 models, both include a music player for MP3/WMA/AAC and a 2 megapixel cam. The 7900, featured on the left, also has 3G connectivity, quad-band GSM, and 1GB of storage. Arriving in Europe within the next month, the 7500 will carry a MSRP of $289.99 while the price on the 7900 is a humongous $549.99. Check Nokia for a preview and availability in your area.

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