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Potential Rogers iPhone customers livid at prices in Canada

Check out the above clip from a Canadian new story, reporting on the price gouging going on with Rogers Wireless over in the Great White North. We feel their pain, as the Rogers pricing plan is an utter rip-off. So much so, that some Rogers customers are even considering leaving their contracts behind with the company. For all the details on the plans, hit the video above, but the suckiest part is that you only get 400 MB of data on Rogers. That is nothing. Compare that to AT&T in the USA, where you get unlimited data with an iPhone plan.

Rogers says that their plans offer customers “high value bundles.” What? Potential customers have started a site over at Ruined iPhone to collect all the negative comments, and press associated with this story.

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Average Profit for PS3 eBay Auctioneers? $2,000 +

PS3 LineOh sure, we may have laughed at those poor bastards waiting in the cold for Sony’s latest - cold, hungry, sheltered from the elements only by their tents and the overhang of the Wal-Mart’s entrance. But they’re the ones laughing now - turns out, via a recent study, that the average price of a pre-sold PS3 auctioned on eBay was hovering around $2600. In recent weeks, the price has dropped to around $2000, but there obviously are still a lot of rich, impatient gamers out there looking to get their hands on this console ASAP.

So maybe it WAS worth it to quit your job and wait in line for a week - I know I don’t make $2,000 in that amount of time. Congratulations Mr. Waiting Out In the Cold for Electronics Guy… this Bud’s for you.

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Let the PS3 Price Gouging Begin!

PS3 Ebay Screenshot

We all knew it was coming eventually… with a limited supply of only 400,000 units in the States, it was only a question of when Mr. Supply would meet Mr. Demand and chaos would ensue.

Today, EB / Gamestop began taking pre-orders for the hulking, wallet-emptying console via a $100 deposit system. But with only an average of 6 consoles allocated per store, only the first few lucky customers in line will have the privelege of giving Gamestop $100 for a piece of paper that *might* get you a console at launch. Unless, of course, the store employees got there first. Thanks to EB / Gamestop’s store policies, each store employee was able to reserve themselves one PS3 console before the public even had a chance at them.

So what do we get out of all this? Well, a day of exciting blogging, some preposterous eBay listings, and a sinking feeling in our bank accounts.