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Xbox Live Arcade Drops Select Prices For One Week

Xbox Live Arcade SaleMicrosoft announced that starting at midnight GMT on Wednesday, they’ll be reducing prices for a select number of Xbox Live Arcade titles for one week, ending at 11:59 Tuesday October 2nd. This is similar to the Labor Day sale they ran earlier this month where they dropped the prices on Gauntlet, Zuma and Dig Dug.

The titles featured this time around are Bankshot Billiards 2, Hardwood Spades and Frogger.

The price reductions are less dramatic here, the earlier labor day sale halved the prices of the games while these are marked down less severely: Bankshot Billiards 2 normally goes for 1200 ($15.00) Microsoft Points but has been reduced to 900 ($11.25); Hardwood Spades and Frogger are both usually priced at 400 Microsoft Points ($5.00) but have been dropped to 300 ($3.75). Still, if you were considering any of these games as possible purchases, now might be the time to jump on them. Perhaps combined with the Best Buy/Halo 3 Live promotion you can have yourself a few days of super-cheap online gaming.

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Gears of War For-Pay Map Pack Available Free Today

Gears of War's Marcus FenixThe Hidden Fronts map pack for the popular title , originally offered for 800 Microsoft Points several months back over some protestations from gamers and Epic themselves, is now available for free as promised.

Hidden Fronts includes four new multiplayer maps, Bullet Marsh, Garden, Process and Subway. For those looking to stretch a bit more life out of their Xbox Live multiplayer experience until hits, this may be the way to do it.

Select Xbox Live Arcade Titles Get Price Reductions

Gauntlet Title ScreenStarting on midnight Sunday four titles will be getting a brief 50% price cut. Small Arms and Zuma Deluxe, normally 800 Microsoft Points, are getting reduced to 400 and coin-op classics Dig Dug and Gauntlet are going down from 400 to 200.

The price reduction will last through Monday.

has had price reductions and these kind of limited-time sales before, but usually they have been reserved for game-specific . This is the first time they’ve extended price fluctuations to full XBLA titles, although the announcement does vaguely hint that this may be a semi-regular occurrence.

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Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Price Cut

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Playstation 3

You just can’t keep a good rumor down. Although yesterday we heard rumblings of a PlayStation 3 price cut from various sources, Sony finally made it official. The 60GB model will be $100.00 less (~17%,) making the new price $499.99, only $20.00 more than the Xbox 360 Elite. The company also announced that an 80GB version will also be sold beginning in August for $599.99, with more than 60 games and game-related downloads available. This makes it obvious why the price cut was made, but we hope this will aid the ailing Sony, who has certainly had their share of problems over the last several months.

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Sony Europe Cuts PSP Price

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PSP Following the lead of the US PSP price cut, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that they would be officially dropping the price of their handheld as well. Currently 149.99 GBP, or 199.99 Euro, the portable console will drop in price to 129.99 GBP and 169.99 Euro on May 4. According to GamesIndustry.biz, Platinum Hits titles for the PSP will also drop to 14.99 GBP. The PSP has somewhat been languishing while Sony focused its energies on the PS3 launch, but now it appears that the company is starting to get more aggressive as it attempts to build more market share.

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Sony Considers Potential PS3 Price Cut

Playstation 3 An Associated Press report suggests that Sony may be weighing the pros and cons of a Playstation 3 price cut during the next fiscal year. The report has Sony Senior Vice President Takao Yuhara discussing the company’s strategy to bring the games division to the break even point. While stressing that no price reduction has been set, Yuhara did say that “We may look at the price as part of our strategy to expand the market when the timing is right.” One can’t really make a leap from that statement to an actual price cut, but it is interesting that price cuts are on the table for the upcoming fiscal year as a means of driving sales; Sony may be pinning its hopes on high-profile software releases in Japan to spike demand and save them from a costly price-reduction.

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No PSP Price Drop In 2006

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PSP According to a Reuters report, Sony will not be lowering the price of the PSP in 2006. The news agency talked with John Koller, product manager for the PSP. Koller also promised 110 titles for the PSP by the end of the year, nearly doubling the amount of software available for the handheld.

IGN’s PSP release list currently shows about 70 titles due to hit before the end of the year; the additional 40 would be a huge change to that list. Koller could possibly be talking about the PSP download service, but Sony hasn’t really made any announcements about this service in the United States. Gamers have complained about the lack of compelling releases on the PSP; adding 110 titles might help in that regard. Though every title released this holiday season won’t be a winner, there are a number of high profile games scheduled to hit Sony’s handheld by the end of the year, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Lumines II, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2, and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

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PSP Price Cut Coming?

PSPSony is likely going to drop the price of the PSP by fifty bucks to $149 by the holidays according to some experts. The unit is beginning to lose momentum to the lower priced Nintendo DS, which sells for $129. This loss in momentum comes on the tails of Nintendo’s release of some attention grabbing games such as “Brain Age” and “New Super Mario Brothers.” With the high priced PS3 coming this winter ($499 base unit) and an aging PS2 as the lowest priced Sony system, a price cut on the PSP is a must if Sony wants to remain competitive to the average consumer.

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