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Halo 3 Details Start To Surface

Halo 3

Halo 3 details are finally starting to show up in magazines and online media, and 1up has a quick preview of a few of the things discussed in the December issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. 1up drops some hints about new weapons, new vehicles, and what form Halo 3 will take at retail. According to 1up, consumers will be able to either purchase a standard, collector’s edition, or a Legendary edition (that should include some insane collectibles in the package). Further, Bungie has apparently been tweaking the controls to take advantage of the Xbox 360 controller and also tweaking existing weapons. 1up promises that the next three weeks will bring more Halo 3 content online, but the new details released today already raise interest.

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More Wii Remote Questions Answered

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Wii RemoteAfter ComputerAndVideogames ran down an extended preview of the Wii remote, there were still some lingering questions. Now, a few of those questions are explored. ComputerAndVideogames tackled battery life and power for the Wii controller; Nintendo believes that the remote should last 60 hours without the pointing function, 30 hours with. ComputerAndVideogames also discusses the pointing capabilities of the remote, saying that the remote doesn’t function as a light gun, but instead operates like a virtual mouse. They don’t rule out this functionality, but it was not present in any of the games tested. Other topics raised include calibration of the controller, replication of motion in games, and the sensor bar. While not as detailed as the previous Wii remote preview, at least some new questions are answered.

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New Gears Of War Promo Site Live

Gears 48HrsA new Gears of War promo site has been launched, and gamers that navigate through the creepy interface will be able to find four preview videos of the game, giving more insight into the world of Gears. The link to the site was given through an e-mail sent to gamers that signed up for updates on the Gears of War official site. For those that don’t want to bother going through the interface, Xboxyde has extracted the videos and made them available for streaming on their site.
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Underground Wii Parties Have Started

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Wii Remote Keychain

Nintendo has said that they have been throwing secret underground Wii events across the country, and Siliconera has a couple of links to gamers that have been able to attend a recent party in Los Angeles. People attending the party were lead to a secret location, where they were able to be among the first to play such titles as Wii Sports, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Rayman Raving Rabbits, Trauma Center: Second Opinion,Excite Truck, and more. Fairly lengthy impressions can be found in the blog and forum posts, but overall it seemed like the general feeling was good about the games presented. All attendees also got a coupon for a free Wii remote when they purchase a system later.

Update: Another Nintendo Underground Party Here

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