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PREVIEW: Nicola Formichetti for Thierry Mugler

Behold -- the first look at Nicola Formichetti's first collection as creative director of Thierry Mugler. Cue angelic music.

Okay, okay, so Paris Men's Fashion Week is only a week away, but who can resist when the label preys upon our internet generation's insatiable hunger for images?

Especially when you put out a creepy, weird photo like this one. He may have Gareth Pugh running for his money! Trying quelling any and all thoughts related to Lady Gaga and let me know what you think.

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Mighty Samson: Jim Shooter & Patrick Olliffe

Here's a comic that might be flying under your personal radar that I think merits a look. Mighty Samson is part of Jim Shooter's Gold Key revival at Dark Horse (which also includes Magnus, Turok and Dr. Solar) but it's the only one of the bunch that was never part of Valiant.

This relaunch of the classic character is spearheaded by Shooter and his co-writer J.C. Vaughn, and illustrated by Patrick Olliffe (who does pencils and inks).

Set 500 hundred years after the end of the world in a now-primitive city known as N'Yark, Mighty Samson is filled with "mutated monsters, marauders, and savage subhuman predators." From the ashes of those ruins rises a super-strong champion, Samson, who will defend and protect his piece of the apocalypse from all comers, including the barbarian hordes from across the bridge in Jerz.

It's N'Yark vs. Jerz – a battle as old as time itself! I'm biased because I've met Shooter a couple of times, I'm friends with J.C. Vaughn and I used to work on projects with Patrick Olliffe. That's one heckuva bias, but I also know they can bring the goods, so I'm in.

Here's an interview with Dark Horse editor Chris Warner  talking about the series.

And here's a preview of the interiors of the first issue that's on sale now.

Now go and get yours and let me know what you think.

[Artwork: Patrick Olliffe's cover Mighty Samson #1]

Preview President Obama’s Appearance on Mythbusters

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President Barack Obama may be having difficulty raising his approval numbers, but can he get one of the world's biggest mysteries solved?

This week on Mythbusters, Obama will task hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman with re-testing the myth of Archimedes Solar Ray -- the supposed weapon that destroyed Roman ships around 200 B.C. by using only mirrors and the sun.

The episode will air Wednesday night at 9 P.M. on the Discovery Channel.

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Mulleavy Sisters Guest Edit Lula Issue, Style Kirsten Dunst

Charlotte Gainsbourg on LulaDespite the high pressure demands of designing their Rodarte line, Kate and Laura Mulleavy somehow managed to both design costumes for Black Swan and guest edit next month's issue of Lula!

In the Fall/Winter 2010 issue -- on newsstands now -- the creative duo styled a Kirsten Dunst editorial shot by their friend Autumn de Wilde, designed Charlotte Gainsbourg's cover dress, and cajoled Tavi Gevinson and Sofia Coppola to contribute to the fashion mag.

The magazine also includes behind-the-scenes shots of Natalie Portman in Black Swan designs, which show more of the intricacies the sisters are known for that were lost somewhat in the film. Nan Goldin shoots the main editorial featuring Gainsbourg, which was styled by Leith Clark.

All in all, the few previews of the magazine that are out (seen after the jump) are sure to please any Rodarte/Mulleavy fan (or anyone who adores fashion, anyway!).

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First Look at Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

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Although Starz has not yet named the actor who will become their next Spartacus, the network is ready to unveil their newest gladiator series.

When lead Andy Whitfield first announced that he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Starz execs made the decision to develop a Spartacus: Blood and Sand prequel while the actor received treatment. (Whitfield -- who was expected to return for Season 2 -- has since dropped out of the program altogether due to a recurrence of his cancer.)

Although it is unclear when Blood and Sand will return for Season 2, it appears Spartacus: Gods of the Arena -- featuring John Hannah (Batiatus) and Lucy Lawless (Lucretia) -- will have enough stadium and bedroom action to keep you occupied until then.

Gods of the Arena debuts on January 21.

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Doug Wright’s Nipper Vs. Amazon

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I've been reading that Nipper, the first collection of Doug Wright's cartoons, is out from Drawn & Quarterly and already getting some nice notice.

Nipper's a "mischievous little kid" who appeared in newspapers across the country in the mid 20th century." D&Q's Nipper 1963-64 is the first of what the publisher plans as a long-running series of books collecting Wright's classic.

There's a preview of it (pdf) at the D&Q website that offers a nice taste of Wright.

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Preview Season 3 of Real Housewives of Atlanta

“So I slept with a woman. Big deal. Call it a day. Keep in moving.”

Sorry, Lisa Wu Hartwell. Based on the drama seen in this new Real Housewives of Atlanta preview, it doesn’t really look like you’ll be missed next season.

When the juicy Bravo hit returns this fall, we’ll meet two new cast members: a model (Cynthia Bailey) who’s “only been engaged three times” and an entertainment lawyer (Phaedra Parks) who’s reportedly married to a criminal. Meanwhile, we’ll get more catfights between (thanks NeNe and Kim!), a lesbian relationship, an arrest and a troubled marriage. (Can we say buh-bye to D.C. already?)

Season 3 of premieres October 4.

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New Clip from Brittany Murphy’s Last Film

left behind a mother, a husband, millions of fans and two unreleased movies when she died before her time at age 32.

The last film Murphy ever made will finally be released on DVD on August 24. Abandoned stars Murphy as Mary, a woman who is unjustly confined to a hospital after taking her boyfriend (Dean Cain) in for a routine procedure.

Something Wicked, which Brittany filmed first, is still in production.

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First Look: Teaser Trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s Strange Film

I’m not sure if it’s possible to make a film that has elements of Borat, Crazy Heart


Making the Band—but director may have done that here.

In this “documentary” titled , we get an inside look at the subject’s most drastic transformation since changing his name from Leaf Phoenix. But is it all for real? And do we really care what Joaquin has supposedly become?

Those unable to turn away from this train wreck can watch more if it when I’m Still Here debuts September 10.

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Preview: The Walking Dead #76

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The Walking Dead #76

While the past issues (not to mention the publicity behemoth that is Comic Con) of have prompted readers to tune into AMC when October rolls around, AMC’s website is now showing love to series readers with a 6-page preview of issue 76.

Wondering what happens to Rick after trusty Michonne’s blow to his head? Check out the preview after the jump and make sure you snatch up a physical copy—in your local comic book store today!

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