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Sarah Palin Talks About Her Abrupt Departure

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Wearing high waders and a T-shirt, former Governor talked to CNN while sporting a ponytail. I believe the interview was meant to clarify her decision to abdicate her high-ranking political office, but it only served to raise more questions.

“I want to help Alaska in different venues, on a different level,” she said.

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Mobile Carriers Warn About Coverage

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The PrezMobile service providers are nervous that today’s inauguration won’t be able to handle the demand of cell phone and handheld calls, texts, photos and videos of the event. COWS (Cells on Wheels), COLTS (Cells on Light Trucks) and SatCOLTS (Satellite Cell Sites on Light Trucks) are being sent in to meet the demand. Carriers are also increasing in-building coverage on Capital Hill, along the parade route, the National Mall, and other high traffic areas. Even with the boost, those attending may still get a “no, you can’t” signal and carriers are hoping that users will text instead of making their calls,or taking photos and video.

Update: In fact, this seems to be the case, so if you are catching up on your handheld or cellie, there may be a delay.

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Stephen Colbert Honored in South Carolina

Stephen ColbertSouth Carolina’s self-proclaimed favorite son, Stephen Colbert, made his presidential campaign journey to the only state in which he’s competing and basked in the worship of sign-waving southern fans. The mayor of Columbia, SC gave Colbert a key to the city and announced the event on Sunday as ‘Stephen Colbert Day’.

Colbert made his preliminary announcement to run for the presidency on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, though the official announcement occurred a few minutes later on Colbert’s title show. Colbert intends to run as a Democrat and a Republican in the state of South Carolina, which could potentially cause a problem for the only other presidential candidate from the state: Democrat John Edwards.

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Keep a Scorecard for the Primary Debates

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American FlagThe calendar says that 2008 is going to be a Presidential election year, and that can only mean one thing: primary debates. This year’s round of competitors are fierce and rarin’ to go – and anyone can catch the action on Sunday. Missed the first primary debates? No problem, they’re going to be doing this for months and months (and on a few different networks). The Presidency is wide open at this point, and it’s anybody’s guess just who will get the oh-so-important primary vote, but one thing is for sure: they will all scramble to outdo each other at the debates, and that makes for interesting TV. Who will walk away with your vote? Make sure you keep a notepad handy, or else you’ll never keep track of all the players.

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