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First Look: Harry Potter Poster Revealed

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2We just got our first look at the movie poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 -- and, it’s totally awesome. The poster delivers a clear message to moviegoers: the eighth, and final, film installment will feature an epic battle between The Boy Who Lived and He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Frightened yet?

In the poster, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is smeared with blood, and Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) looks just plain mean. The film comes to theaters on July 15, so keep your wands at the ready.

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Glee: Season 2 Poster Revealed

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Glee season 2 cast

The Season 2 premiere of is less than a month away, and the cast looks as happy in this picture as we are.

All the cast members will be returning to reprise their roles in the upcoming season. New faces will also make appearances, as the show has picked up a few regular cast members to spice up the ongoing story.

Stay up-to-date on all the latest gossip with our Glee and set leaks anytime you need to Gleek out.

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Jesse Eisenberg is Scary as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

The Social Network

The poster for the upcoming Facebook movie, The Social Network, is out and it’s a far, dark cry from the bright, fun place that gave way to Farmville. Hollywood, after all, always has to ensure

sex, drugs, and murder

extra drama when it comes to biopics (I mean no one’s life is ever boring, right?).

If there was a good way to distinguish star —who portrays Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the film—from

carbon copy

awkward, teen actor Michael Cera, this will hopefully do the trick. Or maybe he’s trying to make up for the sad movie that was Adventureland.

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Super 8 Poster Hits Net With Trailer

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Super 8 Poster

As predicted, viewers got their first taste of J.J. Abrams’s newest mind-imploding teaser trailer for Super 8. Here’s a look at the teaser poster, which was essentially the quick glimpse of the trailer’s finale (check that out after the jump!).

While some movie-goers are in an outrage over the mass amount left up to the imagination, one ought to expect this from the Cloverfield director by now. If your mind truly needs some appeasement, head on over to the film’s viral site and let us know if you’ve unlocked any appetizing secrets.

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Walking Dead Artist Lends Talents to Romero

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George Romero's Survival of the Dead

The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman may be lending his concentration to filming the television version of the hit comic book series, but artist Charlie Adlard is lending his talents to a great source of their inspiration: George Romero.

In a promotional poster for Romero’s latest film, Survival of the Dead, fans of the Image series should be quick to notice Adlard’s familiar artwork. That’s a whole lotta zombie goodness right there.

Check out the film when it hits theaters on May 28!

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New True Blood Minisode and Cast Poster

fans, can you taste it? You are now just over six weeks away from the upcoming premiere.

In need of a fix right now? Then take a view moments to watch this new “minisode” featuring Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), Pam (Kristin Bauer) and some Fangtasia auditioners. The slightly NSFW clip - one of several that HBO is releasing - will help fill some gaps between Seasons 2 and 3.

Also make sure to check out the next cast poster after the jump. The characters will all be back to “do bad things” on June 13.

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True Blood Season 3 Teaser Video and Poster

Realizing just how much “waiting sucks,” HBO has begun offering impatient fans snippets of ‘s upcoming season.

After every encore episode airing Sundays @ 8:00, the cable network will provide a brand new “In Production” clip. This first scene involving Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) is a textbook definition of the word “teaser.”

Season 3 won’t - sigh - begin until June 13. Until then, bide your time checking out a new tasty poster after the jump.

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New Iron Man 2 Poster Gives Us Whiplash

Whiplash poster for Iron Man 2

Move over War Machine, it’s time for something with a lot more hair.

In this new poster for Iron Man 2, is featured as Whiplash (a.k.a. Ivan Venko), Tony Stark’s Russian nemesis. It’s a role the Oscar nominee almost didn’t take due to contract negotiations. (I’m guessing the studio will easily get its money’s worth.)

To get a better look at Rourke’s body art and Nicolas Cage-esque ‘do, check out a different picture of him in character after the jump.

storms into theaters on May 7.

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Iron Man 2 Poster Showcases Mickey Rourke as Whiplash

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Mickey Rourke as Whiplash

First we got a glimpse of Iron Man 2‘s War Machine; now Paramount has released an image of Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko a.k.a. Whiplash.

Set against a backdrop of newspaper clippings centering on Tony Stark’s nontraditional superhero reveal that he was Iron Man, Rourke doesn’t don a mask as the Russian criminal (at least, we have yet to see an alternate costume change for this character) but does not look any less menacing and crazed.

Are you buying Rourke’s portrayal so far?

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War Machine Featured in Iron Man 2 Promo

Iron Man 2

Move over, Batman and Robin—we’ve got a couple of cooler superheroes hitting the big screen.

In the latest promotional poster for next year’s much-anticipated summer blockbuster Iron Man 2, Don Cheadle’s character, War Machine, is featured standing behind Robert Downey Jr.‘s suited-up Tony Stark.

How bad-ass is that image? They pair practically take up the whole poster! Oh what CGI goodness awaits us with those action scenes; May 7 just cannot come quick enough.

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