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Bleeding Edge TV 124: iRiver S10 First Look

While everyone has been focusing their attention on the iPod shuffle dur to it’s tiny size, iriver has released their S10. It’s not much bigger than the tinniest iPod, and it provides something that the iPod doesn’t - a full color screen that let’s you browse your music and photos on the tiny device. The screen is a 1.15-inch 128x96 OLED, so you can expect about either hours of battery life out of this one. Even better, it has an FM tuner and can even record the FM signal. Do that Apple! Browsing on the S10 is similar to that of the , which means, it’s great. Pricing and purchasing info are found in the video, so get clicking.


CES 2007: Samsung Dual-Screen Ultra Music Phone SGH-F300 Announced

Samsung Ultra Music Phone

Samsung’s Ultra Music Phone, a union of slim style and function, is an iconic bar handset designed with an added twist: dual LCD screens.  An LCD is featured on each side of the device. On one side there is a smaller LCD screen and the dialing keypad for making phone calls.  This side also allows contact entry and cell phone menu functions. The reverse side has a large LCD screen and a dedicated touch sensitive pad and serves as the music player for MP3 and WMA files and has multimedia menu functions.

The Ultra Music is equipped with a digital power amp, which offers a dedicated music user interface that makes it easy to navigate through song lists. Additionally, it has a stereo FM radio and a Quick PC Sync, allowing users to create a music library and customized play lists. In addition to dedicated music features, the Ultra Music has all the extra features consumers have come to expect, including a 2 mega-pixel camera, extended battery life and Bluetooth technology. No pricing info has been announced yet, but we do have a picture of the other side of the phone, after the jump.


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2006 Holiday Gift Guide: Apple iPod nano

iPod nano

The recently overhauled iPod nano is almost a splitting image of the old-school iPod mini. You know, the anodized-aluminum casing that is available in multiple colors? Yeah, that’s the one. The new casing is much more scratch-resistant than the original nano, and features a brighter screen along with better battery life (26 hours!) and a thinner shell, if you can believe that. The new iPod nano also features updated software which includes a nice search interface. What you aren’t getting, though, is the ability to play movies or the new iPod games that are available in iTunes - however, we think that most people on the lookout to purchase a nano aren’t necessarily the gaming type. Plus, who would want to play Zuma on a screen this tiny? Still, for a flash-based portable music player, we give the nod to the iPod nano. Hey, you can even get the RED nano and help in the fight against AIDS. Feel free to check out our iPod nano unboxing video.

Price: $149 - $249 (Compare Prices)

Official Microsoft Zune Website Launches


In twelve days, Microsoft launches their Zune portable media player and music service. Seems like as good a time as any to launch the official website for the platform as well, which is exactly what the company has done over at zune.net.

As a refresher, the Zune features 30 GB of storage space and will hit retail at $249 USD. If there is any device out there that can attempt to give the iPod somewhat of a run for it’s money, it’s the Zune. Do we think it will happen? No - we don’t. However, with the marketing budget that Microsoft is going to throw at this thing, who knows what will happen this holiday season?

Video: Zune Hands-on Impressions
Zune Image Gallery

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Gear Live Review: iRiver clix Review

We are glad to see that there are finally PlaysForSure MP3 players being released that can match up to the iPod not only in features (easy to do), but in form factor and ease of use as well (hard to do). At first glance, the iRiver clix looks like such a device. The clix is a redesigned iRiver U10, remixed with input from both the Windows Media Player 11 team and MTV, and is currently one of the only three PlaysForSure devices that is compatible with WMP 11 and the MTV URGE service. Does that make it good? We give you our full iRiver clix review after the jump.

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