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Lindsay Lohan: Still Starring in Inferno

Lindsay Lohan - InfernoDespite rumors to the contrary, will still play the title role in the film Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story.

Producer Chris Handley re-confirmed the casting decision after , Lindsay’s mom, called him personally. She was concerned about the media gossip that Linds has been replaced on the project by Sarah Scott.

Here’s the statement:

“The producers and director of , the story of Linda Lovelace, have been aware of certain media articles indicating there had been some alternative actors considered for the Lovelace role other than Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan called the director yesterday concerned that there was some truth to the statements. These stories are completely unfounded and untrue: the producers have been, and continue to be committed to Lindsay in this lead role and are confident that there is no actress that can achieve the dramatic level we require of this role other than Lindsay.”

This, of course, raises an important question: who the &$%# is Linda Lovelace? Lovelace was a former pornographic film star who’s biggest claim to fame stems from her role in the porn classic Deep Throat. Later, she became a big advocate in the anti-pornography movement.

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Cinema Scene: Fishburne’s Daughter Turns to Porn, Amy Fisher Does Too

Laurence Fishburne and Montana-Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana, has decided to get into the porn industry. The 19-year-old apparently believes a sex tape will make her famous like Kim Kardashian. Sigh.

-“Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher is also seeking fame through adult films. Fisher - already the subject of a homemade video - has struck a deal to star in four new movies.

-According to actor Scott Patterson, a big screen Gilmore Girls movie might still be in the future. “I think the fans are so loyal and so faithful, that it probably will happen,” he told EW.

-Inception‘s Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly dropped out of a movie that was to be directed by Mel Gibson. The actor claims his participation in the project was only part of Mel’s dream.

Lindsay Lohan Lands Porn Star Role

Lindsay Lohan and Linda Lovelace

UPDATE: Fox411.com is now reporting that Lohan has some “reservations” and has not yet officially signed on.

‘s come a long way since her years as a Disney star. It’s just been confirmed that the troubled actress will play Linda Lovelace in the independent movie Inferno.

Lovelace, real name Linda Susan Boreman, was a porn star best known for her work in 1972’s Deep Throat.

“We’ve all thought that Lindsay would be a great choice for a while now, and we’re all convinced that she is going to do it,” producer Wali Razaqi said. “For at least a year, the director Matthew Wilder and I have gone back and forth imagining how awesome of a performance she could give if she was in the movie.”

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Facebook Profile Merely Advertising

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WendyThis, and many images like it, were recently posted on Facebook. Readers were told that the lady in question had lost her digital camera and had left it and photos behind as clues as to her identity. Apparently the page attracted thousands of admirers, who posted comments like this one from Martin Farrell, from London, “I thought I saw her today in Chiswick but it was a false alarm, the hunt continues.”

It was finally admitted that it was simply a viral marketing campaign for a porn site and that the lady in question is Wendy, one of its models. It just goes to show that in advertising, sex continues to sell.

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