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Find the trending YouTube videos with YouTube Trends

Posted by Patrick Lambert Categories: Corporate News, Google, Videos,

YouTube is the most well known name for videos online, but one thing that's been lacking is an easy way to see trending videos, and to discover what the latest memes are. This week Google introduced YouTube Trends with a fairly interesting video (see above), a service which will attempt to do just that. A new page has been created which now lists the trending videos, the ones that are making their ways across the web and which see numbers going up fast. Featured videos also display a chart that show how fast they have been gaining popularity. On top of that continously updated list, the page has a feature called "4 @ 4 PM" which are 4 videos selected at that time each day, focusing on what trended that day. Now this is not a perfect system, and as of this writing, out of the top 7 trending videos on the page, 5 of them are variations of the same one, the Metrodome Roof Collapse, but it certainly is a good place to start.

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