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The Simpsons take on mApple and Steve Mobs

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Home Entertainment,

Always on the lookout for references to the technology we love hitting the pop culture, we had to share these clips from The Simpsons. In the clip above, the family visits the new mApple store that has opened in the Springfield Mall, and we’re sure you can imagine the things they joked about in that one. We’ve got references to MyPods, MyPhones, the Brainiac Bar, and even the almighty Steve Mobs. Good for a chuckle. Below, we’ve embedded a second clip, where Lisa visits the Mapple world headquarters, to meet with Steve Mobs, which just so happens to be underwater.

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Test Trivia Knowledge with VH1

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Games, Prime Time, Reality, Cable, Renewals,

DescriptionVH1 is bringing back the World Series of Pop Culture for a second season this summer, promising more obscure trivia, more teams of three, and more money to give away. Though VH1 has been known for coming up with some real bombs in the past (what exactly is the deal with Charm School?), the World Series of Pop Culture last year offered a bevy of interesting trivia and quite a few teams that were almost impossible to root for. Will this year’s competitors hold more appeal?

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