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So, did you e-File this year?

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Internet

We figured it was time to start throwing polls into the mix here at Gear Live, as it’s an oft requested feature from our readers. That being said, now that we are just shy of a week after tax time (you did remember to file your taxes, right?) and we want to know if you guys take advantage of the e-File method of doing thing, or if you rely on the more traditional practice of mailing everything in to the IRS in a -style envelope. How geeky do you keep it? Let us know.


Wii “Everybody Votes” Channel Launches. Wait, wha?!

Everybody Votes Channel

In a super-secret announcement last night, via the “Blue Light Special”, Wii’s around the country informed their owners of its newest feature - the “Everybody Votes” channel. “Huh?,” you say. We say the same… it appears that the big N is still very good at keeping their secret projects hush-hush. We had never seen anything like this channel demoed before, and there hadn’t been any talk of new channels launching this week.

So what is the “Everybody Votes” channel? Well, it’s a means for you to share your thoughts on questions posed by Nintendo HQ. You know, important things like “Do you like dogs or cats better?” and “Which is more romantic for Valentine’s day - Flowers or Chocolate?” Not only can you vote in each poll, you can also predict the outcome of each poll before the results are announced. You’re Mii is then given a score based on how good a predictor he/she is and how often they vote with the majority.

Unexpected? Yes. Super weird? Yes. Interesting possibilities? Indeed! Imagine if Nintendo actually starts using this channel to gauge interest in upcoming games, channels, or other content? This could be a great avenue for getting gamers’ thoughts on what they’d like to see on the console… all they need to do is just start asking the right questions (i.e. things that don’t have to do with ponies and lollipops).

The “Everybody Votes” channel is available through the Wii Shop Channel under “Wii Ware” and is currently available for 0 Wii points. Please note that you have to perform a system update on your console first. This update allows you to register your Wii to a particular region within your country, which is used in the polling process. See more images of this peculiar new channel after the jump! (Apologies for the shaky-skew-cam, it’s harder than it would seem to hold a Wiimote and camera steady at the same time!


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