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Mariah Carey Fails to Throw Pitch at Baseball Game

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Mariah Carey makes yet another oopsieNewlywed Mariah Carey has made a fool of herself yet again. Whilst visiting Japan recently, the failed actress attended a Yomiuri Giants vs.Rakuten Eagles baseball game, given the honor of throwing the first pitch. Unfortunately, it appears that either her very uncomfortable attire or unnecessarily-high heels got in the way of allowing her to successfully throw the ball from the mound to the catcher.

Lucky for us, it was all caught on tape! In the video, which can be seen after the jump, the scantily-clad pop star managed to at least throw the ball a measly-looking five feet, which then depressingly rolled towards home base. Clearly learning from her past oopsies, Carey continued to smile unflinchingly after her utter embarrassment, hurried off the field and off to do some kimono shopping (something she can at least do successfully).

Nick, you really ought to keep a closer watch on your wife.

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WolframTones Make Mathematical Music

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WolframTonesWant to see what algorithms look like when translated into music? That is exactly what WolframTones is all about. It takes programs from Stephen Wolfram’s computations and turns them into tunes. No matter how many times you select a type of music, you will get a new permutation and mini-light show. Create rock/pop, jazz, classical, piano and other compositions and adjust pitch, time, and instrumentation. If you would like to play or find out how the phenomenon was created, check out his site.

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Music Simplified With Kaossilator

One of your buds got a StompIO, but you are Mr./Ms. Keyboard. You might want to look into the Kaossilator Touchpad Music Synthesizer. With its innovative touchpad, you merely have to wiggle a finger to change pitch or move it up and down for a different sound. If you need a drummer, it has dozens of beats included or you can do it yourself. There are also sound effects to toss into the mix. All told it holds over 100 programs. The synthesizer runs on 4AA batteries (not included) for up to 5 hours and comes with a price of $199.99.


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